Cobolt CW solid-state laser operates at 515 nm

The Fandango continuous-wave (CW) solid-state laser operates at a 515 nm fixed wavelength, with output powers of 25, 50, 100, and 150 mW.

Cobolt Fandango CW solid-state laser
Cobolt Fandango CW solid-state laser

The Fandango continuous-wave (CW) solid-state laser operates at a 515 nm fixed wavelength, with output powers of 25, 50, 100, and 150 mW. The single longitudinal mode laser has noise <0.3% rms, spectral linewidth typically <30 MHz, and beam quality of M2<1.1. Manufactured using proprietary HTCure Technology, it is designed to withstand shock and extreme temperatures.
Cobolt AB
Solna, Sweden

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Product release Cobolt Fandango™ 515 nm – now with 150 mW output power from the same small package!

Cobolt AB, Swedish manufacturer of low-noise DPSS lasers, announces the release of a higher power model of its unique 515 nm solid-state laser. The Cobolt Fandango™, now available with up to 150 mW CW output power from the same small package, is not only perfectly suited for power demanding fluorescence analysis applications such as confocal microscopy, high-speed plate reading and single molecule analysis, but now with even higher output power, as a general all solid state alternative to bulky Ar+ gas lasers.

The Cobolt Fandango™ is a continuous-wave solid-state laser operating at a fixed wavelength 515 nm and with output powers of 25 mW, 50 mW, 100 mW and now 150 mW. It is a single longitudinal mode laser, with very low noise (<0.3 % rms), narrow spectral line width (typically <30 MHz) and exceptionally high beam quality (M2<1.1).

The laser is manufactured using Cobolt’s proprietary HTCureTM Technology in a compact (50x50 mm) and hermetically sealed package, which provides a very high level of immunity to varying environmental conditions and exceptional reliability. Lasers built using the HTCureTM Technology have shown to withstand multiple 60G mechanical shocks in operation without any sign of degraded performance. They can be exposed to extreme temperatures (>100°C), and are insensitive to pressure and humidity.

The laser controller is an ultra-compact unit in either a CDRH version or OEM version. It is built on a robust platform with mounting holes for convenient installation and optimum heat dissipation. It is remotely controllable for operation and monitoring of the laser system via digital (RS-232) or analog interfaces.

About Cobolt AB

Cobolt supplies compact and efficient diode-pumped solid-state lasers in the visible and near IR regions, for stand-alone use or OEM integration in equipment for bio-analysis, imaging, range finding and displays. Cobolt lasers are built on proprietary PPKTP technology in a patent pending manufacturing technique of HTCureTM technology and combine top-class wall-plug efficiency with low noise and compact size.


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