Necsel acquisition of PD-LD is complete

April 5, 2016
As of April 1, 2016, PD-LD has become part of laser projection and lighting company Necsel.

As of April 1, 2016, PD-LD (Pennington, NJ) has become part of laser projection and lighting company Necsel (Milpitas, CA), a division of Ushio Corporation. In the acquisition, Necsel adds thestabilized-module, volume Bragg grating (VBG) laser technology of PD-LD to its portfolio.

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For PD-LD customers, the points of contact for quoting, billing, and any general information remain in Pennington, NJ as before.

Necsel develops and manufactures lasers and laser solutions for the projection, specialty lighting, medical, industrial, and life sciences marketplaces. The company says its cost-effective solutions provide these applications additional performance benefits, such as brighter outputs, higher contrast ratios, longer lifetimes, and the creation of products that were never possible before.

PD-LD is a specialty photonic packaging company and a US-based manufacturer and assembler of pigtailed and receptacle-mounted fiber-coupled laser diodes, LEDs, detectors, high-power pulsed lasers, and bidirectional devices for the optical communications, test equipment, and medical industries. Named one the fasted growing technology companies in NJ, the PD-LD VBG technology has wide applications in many photonics industries. PD-LD supplies custom VBG elements, VBG-stabilized lasers, and sub-systems for a variety of applications, including Raman spectroscopy, flow cytometry, medical instrumentation, high-power lasers and displays; in addition, PD-LD licenses the VBG technology to other companies active in the field. The technology is protected by 27 issued patents, with more pending.

SOURCE: PD-LD via [email protected] and Necsel via

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