Syndiant to supply LCOS microdisplay engine for HD laser picoprojector

Jan. 13, 2015
Liquid crystal on silicon microdisplay manufacturer Syndiant teamed up with laser-based optical engine development company Cremotech to develop a picoprojector engine for display applications.  

Liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) microdisplay manufacturer Syndiant (Dallas, TX) teamed up with laser-based optical engine development company Cremotech (Seoul, South Korea) to develop a picoprojector engine for display applications. The engine size is 50.5 mm by 48.1 mm by 19.85 mm including red, green, and blue lasers, optics, and Syndiant's SYL2271 720p high-definition (HD) microdisplay.

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"We have selected the Syndiant SYL2271 HD panel as it provides all the best features for our first laser HD pico projector, including 720p resolution, high contrast ratio, and natural-color picture quality," said Sungsoo Kim, CEO of Cremotech. "This light engine provides 720p HD resolution in a very small form factor with high efficiency and focus free operation enabled by laser beam illumination. Our major business partner, SK Telecom, is looking forward to deploy the focus and speckle free engine that has low power consumption and wide projection range in a fraction of the size and weight of conventional LED light source."

"Syndiant believes that the LCOS laser pico projector will experience explosive growth in the consumer electronics and industrial application markets," said Daniel Wong, CEO and president of Syndiant. "Cremotech is an excellent partner with vast experience in developing laser illumination modules and a strong IP position in the pico projector arena. Cremotech's laser beam projection technology is the right solution and the winning approach in an attractive form factor, with amazing image quality that will be embraced by the mass market."

Founded in 2004, Syndiant manufactures high-resolution light-modulating panels for picoprojectors small enough to embed in wearable computing solutions and robust enough for automotive applications. Syndiant says its patented all-digital microdisplay technology enables the world's smallest personal display devices that meet cost, power, form-factor and resolution requirements.

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