PI acquires majority share in micropositioning specialist miCos

Sept. 26, 2011
Piezo and nanopositioning technology supplier PI (Physik Instrumente) has acquired a majority share of micropositioning/motion control specialist miCos GmbH.

Piezo and nanopositioning technology supplier PI (Physik Instrumente; Karlsruhe, Germany) has acquired a majority share of micropositioning/motion control specialist miCos GmbH (Eschbach, Germany).

The acquisition allows PI to supplement its nanopositioning and micropositioning portfolio with vacuum precision positioning applications and system integration products. PI’s product range now includes air bearing technology and electro-magnetic linear motors, as well as high-load rotation stages and long-travel linear stages up to 1000 mm.

In the future, PI-miCos will operate as a subsidiary of PI GmbH & Co. KG and will be managed by miCos founder Lucius Amelung, who will remain in charge. The merger expands product range and development expertise and further increases the density of the sales and service network.


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