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May 19, 2014
To offer system and device developers important inspiration and guidance that will help bring to market biophotonics-based tools able to substantially improve the future of healthcare.

To offer system and device developers important inspiration and guidance that will help bring to market biophotonics-based tools able to substantially improve the future of healthcare.

That's been our aim in designing a new conference, Strategies in Biophotonics (Boston, MA; September 9-11, 2014). An eminent advisory board helped us define objectives and assemble a roster of outstanding speakers (we are particularly grateful for CCNY Distinguished Professor Robert A. Alfano, who went above and beyond—thanks, Bob!). The result is an offering that is not only unique to the field, but one we think will provide a truly useful and energizing experience for attendees.

Once we posted our preliminary lineup, we heard comments like, "we are very impressed with the speakers you have lined up," and, "these are exactly the people who will draw attendees to the conference." Will you let me know your opinion?

The event will kick off with a talk by Robert S. Langer, ScD, celebrated MIT Institute Professor on creating and implementing breakthrough technologies. Langer's patents have been licensed by over 250 pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology, and medical device companies. It will close with Aydogan Ozcan, Ph.D., UCLA Chancellor's Professor and founder of Holomic LLC, renowned developer of cell phone-based health solutions, whose talk on mobile health will be followed by a lively panel discussion of disruptive technologies. In between:

• David Walt, Ph.D., Tufts and HHMI professor and co-founder of Illumina—the first DNA sequencing company to achieve the $1000 genome-will discuss taking discoveries from the academic lab through commercialization.

• Ellen Strahlman, MD, MHSc, senior VP of R&D and chief medical officer at BD Biosciences, will cover photonics as a source of innovation for next-gen diagnostics.

• Gregory Altshuler, Ph.D., DSc, senior VP of R&D at Palomar Medical, whose talk is titled "Light-based technology in aesthetic medicine: learn from successes and failures."

• Anita Goel, MD, Ph.D., CEO of Nanobiosym and winner of the Nokia XChallenge, will explore personalized medicine and global health.

• Robert Nordstrom, Ph.D., program director of the Cancer Imaging Program at NIH, will address translating biophotonics ideas into commercial utility.

• Joseph Schmitt, Ph.D., VP of advanced development at St. Jude Medical, will talk on commercializing intravascular diagnostics.

• Amy Kerdok, Ph.D., manager of clinical development engineering at Intuitive Surgical, will discuss integrating optics into surgical robots.

Also, we're honored to have Dr. Alfano present on light advances in biomediphotonics, and others on technologies, tips, and trends; still others will discuss lessons learned in developing clinical and research systems. Current patent law, business modeling and execution, regulatory issues, and reimbursement pathways are important topics; in separate panels, John Dexheimer of LightWave Advisors will elicit insights on funding and acquisition, while Fabian D'Souza, MD, of Boston Strategic Partners will talk with medical practitioners and researchers on meeting their needs with optics and photonics. I hope to see you there!

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