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Cell Metabolism
Bio&Life Sciences

Activating immune cell metabolism via solid-state sensors

Nov. 14, 2022
Immune cell metabolism plays a central role in building next-generation cell therapies using solid-state sensors.
Tomocube Squid Reflectins

Optical refractive index of live cells could have use as molecular probes

By changing this intrinsic physical property of the cell, microscopists could soon be using the refractive indices of live cells as molecular probes.
The Organoid Counting Software Analyzes A Single Image In Less Than Three Seconds
Cell Biology

CytoSMART Technologies develops automated organoid counter

The automated organoid counter application detects organoids using bright-field image analysis.
Cyto Smart Lux2 Duo Kit Live Cell Imaging System In Incubator
Cell Biology

CytoSMART Technologies launches dual-camera live-cell imager

The CytoSMART Lux2 Duo Kit live-cell imaging system allows researchers to make immediate side-by-side comparisons between cell cultures without setting foot in a lab.
Cyto Smart Mini Microscope Remotely Monitors The Cytopathic Effect

CytoSMART to donate 100 live-cell imagers to assist COVID-19 researchers

The company will donate 100 mini live-cell imaging systems to researchers in high containment labs working to combat COVID-19.
Deep+z 1170 783

Deep learning converts 2D fluorescence microscopy images into 3D

Using a deep learning approach, researchers improved upon fluorescence microscopy to turn 2D images into stacks of virtual 3D slices showing activity inside organisms.
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Cell Biology

Engineered cells responsive to light shown to enhance insulin production

The light-switchable cells are designed to compensate for the lower insulin production or reduced insulin response found in diabetic individuals.
Cytek Aurora 5 Laser (300 Dpi)
Cell Biology

Fluorescence-based flow cytometry platform achieves 40 colors

The Aurora flow cytometer is available with up to five lasers to enable analyzing up to 40 markers simultaneously in one sample.
Teledyne Princeton Instrument Blaze Spectroscopy 1500x

Spectroscopic imaging technique enables high-speed, label-free living cell study

For the spectroscopic imaging experiments, Kano's research group used a spectroscopy CCD camera with super-deep-depletion CCD to yield high near-infrared quantum efficiency.