Gigabit camera for microscopy by SPOT Imaging Solutions

April 11, 2013
The SPOT Insight gigabit camera from SPOT Imaging Solutions delivers 4 Mpixel resolution and a large field of view for live microscopy presentations, and adapts to all microscopes.

The SPOT Insight gigabit camera from SPOT Imaging Solutions (Sterling Heights, MI) delivers 4 Mpixel resolution and a large field of view for live microscopy presentations, and adapts to all microscopes. A Kodak 21.4 mm scientific CCD sensor enables clear images of cellular structures and fixed image capture in all common formats. Low noise circuitry enables live imaging at 14 frames/s.

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New SPOT Insight™ Gigabit Camera Brings Microscopy Presentations to Life

Sterling Heights, MI - SPOT Imaging Solutions, a leading manufacturer of scientific camera systems for microscopy, announces the launch of their new high speed SPOT Insight Gigabit Camera, with 4 MP resolution and a very large field of view that creates impressive live microscopy presentations for teaching and conferences.

Designed for remarkable quality images, the SPOT Insight Gigabit Camera uses a Kodak 21.4 mm scientific CCD sensor. Cellular structures have never looked brighter or clearer. Fixed images can be captured in all common formats for easy addition to tumor board presentations or journal submissions. Low noise circuitry enables 14 frames per second live imaging with incredible clarity that captures attention.

The SPOT Insight Gigabit Camera adapts to any microscope. The easy to use SPOT Basic Software interface controls the camera on PCs or Macs, providing a smooth live view of the microscope slides, even during zooming and focusing. The microscope view is impressive when projected on large screens with superior color reproduction and detail. Presenters can add measurements and annotate images live, increasing interactivity and engagement with the material.

SPOT Insight Gigabit Camera is the next generation of digital imaging innovation from SPOT Imaging Solutions. No other camera offers this combination of high speed, high resolution and wide field of view.

For more information about the SPOT Insight Gigabit camera, please visit

About SPOT Imaging Solutions

SPOT Imaging Solutions Corporation, headquartered in Sterling Heights, MI, is a leading developer and manufacturer of digital microscope cameras and custom imaging solutions. SPOT Imaging Solutions cameras are used worldwide in a diverse range of bioresearch and clinical applications.

For further information about SPOT Imaging Solutions, please visit or call 586-731-6000.


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