Sciton's new modular multi-laser device enables wide range of aesthetic procedures

Feb. 11, 2009
FEBRUARY 11, 2009--Sciton's (Palo, Alto, CA) new Joule platform combines multiple laser technologies into a single system, offering aesthetic practitioners an expanded range of procedures: laser-assisted lipolysis (liposuction alternative), deep and fractional laser skin treatments, laser hair removal, and acne and vascular treatments. The device promises "revenue stimulus for the current economic environment that will easily translate to solid, long-term practice-building and growth."

FEBRUARY 11, 2009--Sciton Inc.'s (Palo, Alto, CA) new Joule aesthetic laser platform combines multiple laser technologies into a single system, offering aesthetic practitioners an expanded range of procedures and upgrade options. With the device, Sciton promises "revenue stimulus for the current economic environment that will easily translate to solid, long-term practice-building and growth."

Joule offers multiple laser wavelengths through three delivery modes--arm, fiber, or broadband light (BBL), enabling aesthetic physicians to provide a wide variety of procedures. The platform can provide today's most requested procedures, laser lipolysis and deep and fractional skin resurfacing, as well as hair removal and a wide range of vascular treatments. Sciton's scientists call this technology OptiPlex: the optimal multiplexing of optical technologies.

"The optiplexed Joule has the potential to change the entire landscape of an aesthetic practice," says Dr. Jason Pozner, plastic surgeon and medical director of Sanctuary Plastic Surgery and co-owner of Sanctuary Medical Aesthetic Center in Florida. "Combining laser lipolysis and both fractional and full skin resurfacing in a single platform makes it possible for me to offer the most popular treatments more conveniently. The benefit to a growing aesthetic practice is significant. They can expand their practice with a single laser. It is an ideal system for aesthetic surgeons with an on-site operating facility as well as those with an office treatment room. It would take multiple lasers to do what Joule does. It's a game-changer."

Joule promises unprecedented versatility with its comprehensive selection of modules and the ability to add future Sciton modules for cosmetic procedures. In addition to any combination of three delivery modes, the base laser system has four laser bays as well as a pulsed light bay. A practice can begin with one module, and grow into many as the practice grows, or, it can be fully built-out from the very beginning to enable the widest range of treatment capabilities for expansive revenue opportunity for the aesthetic practice. The platform is "future-proof" as modules yet to be invented will be designed to be fully functional on the Joule Aesthetic Laser Platform.

"The optiplexed Joule platform offers great economics in two important ways," states Lars Isaacson, Vice President of Sales at Sciton. "You can pick the most profitable procedures for your practice today, adding modules for new capabilities in the future at a far lower cost. And here's an even more immediate economic boost: contrary to industry trends, there are no hidden disposable costs, which can be $400 per tip, or charges for handpieces that automatically disable themselves after a limited number of pulses."

In addition to cost-optimization through more capability in a single aesthetic platform, Sciton physicians achieve the lowest-per-procedure cost because Sciton does not charge for disposables, nor does it place an unnecessary "marketing" limitation on the use of disposables. Sciton enables physicians to use open source fibers on its lasers, providing a competitive cost advantage to its customers. All Sciton systems offer unlimited pulses within a 3 year warranty or during service contracts, a standard unmatched in the industry.

"With this challenging economy, physicians benefit from a combined fractional resurfacing and laser lipolysis platform that affords both cost efficiency and the cutting edge technology that our patients seek," commented Dr. Michael Kaminer, a dermatologic surgeon and partner at SkinCare Physicians in Chestnut Hill, MA. "Combining these two procedures in a single system is a terrific advantage, and having no disposable expense is an added bonus. Sciton has used its unmatched laser science expertise to offer superior clinical outcomes and address the economic challenges that physicians face."

The following modules are currently available for the Joule platform:
1. Contour TRL: robotically-scanned MicroLaserPeel or tunable deep skin peeling
2. ProFractional: 2940 nm erbium for fractional skin resurfacing
3. ProFractional XC: fractional skin resurfacing with tunable thermal effects
4. ClearScan: 1064 nm for hair removal, pigmented and vascular lesions
5. ThermaScan: 1319 nm for non-ablative treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, acne, acne scars
6. BBL: pigmented and vascular lesions, hair removal, acne
7. SkinTyte: firming of tissue, on or off face
8. ProLipoPlus: Two different wavelengths, 1064 nm or 1319 nm, used individually or in combination for laser lipolysis
9. Pro-V: endovenous ablation (EVA) for the treatment of leg veins

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Posted by Barbara G. Goode, [email protected].

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