Ophthalmology laser from LensAR garners CE Mark approvals

June 11, 2015
Ophthalmology laser maker LensAR has received the CE Mark for five new uses for the company's LensAR Laser System.

LensAR (Orlando, FL), which specializes in next-generation femtosecond laser technology for refractive cataract surgery, has received the CE Mark from European Union regulators for a suite of five new application technologies integrated into the company's LensAR Laser System.

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As a femtosecond laser cataract platform that enables automation of key surgical procedure planning and execution elements, the LensAR Laser System with Streamline application upgrades include:

  • Wireless integration with popular topographers
  • Iris registration
  • Cataract density imaging
  • Customized fragmentation patterns
  • Arcuate incision planning

The LensAR Laser System establishes a wireless integration protocol with preoperative diagnostic devices. Enabling wireless data transfer of preoperative corneal measurements from the Cassini Corneal Shape Analyzer to the LensAR Laser System improves procedure flow and eliminates potential errors from manual entry of data from the device used in the preoperative and surgical planning process. An exclusive feature of the integration with Cassini is the ability to wirelessly transfer the preoperative undilated iris image from the Cassini to the laser for comparison to the iris image while the eye is fully docked under the laser at procedure time and automatic compensation for cyclorotation by adjusting incision placement for improved refractive outcomes. This eliminates the need to manually ink mark the eye to identify and adjust for the cyclorotation that may occur when a patient is reclined during surgery. The company is working to integrate additional topographers, including the Aladdin Biometer.

The LensAR Laser System with Streamline is a femtosecond laser cataract platform that enables automation of key surgical procedure planning and execution elements. (Photo: Business Wire)

Surgeons will also have access to an arcuate incision planning table on the laser that includes parameters to define the location, depth, and extent of the surgeon's intended arcuate incisions based on individual patient biometric measurements and other factors defined by the surgeon. The arcuate incision planning capability allows surgeons to retain their plan preferences for later use, increasing surgical operating room efficiency. A steep axis corneal marking function provides nonrefractive landmarks to support the surgeon's management of astigmatism.

The Streamline upgrades also introduce integrated cataract density imaging, which automatically categorizes the cataract to a preprogrammed, surgeon-customized fragmentation pattern depending upon the density of the cataract and allows the surgeon to automatically isolate fragmentation to the nucleus.

Topcon Europe Medical B.V. will manage in-market rollout of the LensAR Laser System with Streamline. For more information, please visit www.lensar.com.

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