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This section spotlights the latest news, in-depth articles, and expert insights into the technology fueling the evolving field of autonomous solutions.


(Courtesy of Phononic)
FIGURE 1. Autonomous driving has taken the technology within vehicles to a new level.
ASTech Autonomy

Autonomous interest sparks growth opportunities

May 12, 2022
As interest in autonomy spikes, LiDAR’s potential role creates interesting opportunities for technology companies willing to wager on the future of mobility.
Vcsel Line Transmitter Li Dar Module Lx02
Lasers & Sources

VCSEL line beam transmitter has use in lidar

June 22, 2022
The LX02 VCSEL line beam transmitter module for integration into LiDAR systems is the successor of the company’s LX01 model.
(Courtesy of Metalenz)
In a new partnership between STMicroelectronics and Metalenz, ST will replace multi-element optical systems with the Metalenz optics solution.

World’s first metasurface for consumer electronics makes commercial debut

June 13, 2022
A recently announced partnership between Metalenz and STMicroelectronics marks optical revolutions for the 3D sensor market.
(Courtesy of TRUMPF)
FIGURE 1. VCSEL arrays above 940 nm like this one from TRUMPF can operate across a broader temperature range and improve robustness and service life in NIR applications like facial recognition on consumer devices.
Lasers & Sources

VCSELs: From telecom to the metaverse

The latest generation of VCSEL chips have evolved from their origin in telecom and datacom to use in advanced 3D sensing applications, such as facial recognition, automotive LiDAR...
(Courtesy of John Deere)
FIGURE 1. The 8R autonomous tractor is currently designed for soil tilling, which can free up farmers for more difficult tasks.
Test & Measurement

Working smarter, not harder

April 19, 2022
The future of farming lies in the agriculture industry’s ability to advance and evolve. From autonomous tractors to drones, advanced technology is changing the landscape.
FIGURE 1. Outsight’s multispectral lidar specifically focuses on mainstream applications of long-range lidar (hundreds of meters).
Test & Measurement

Automotive lidar gains multispectral capabilities

Feb. 4, 2022
Adding more lidar wavelengths can provide richer details about the environment around the vehicle.
FIGURE 1. An example of a lidar point cloud.
Lasers & Sources

1550 nm triple-junction laser diode excels for automotive lidar

Nov. 11, 2021
Autonomous vehicles are moving closer to reality, thanks to advancements of key systems such as lidar—which has the potential to recognize vehicles, pedestrians, and other objects...
FIGURE 1. Claude Florin, founder and CEO of Fastree3D.
Executive Forum

Flash lidar and a new way forward—An interview with Claude Florin

Oct. 20, 2021
A pioneering flash imaging lidar system illuminates a large area repeatedly with a pulsed laser.
The liquids isopropanol and toluene appear transparent to the naked eye. In the near-IR and SWIR ranges, different portions are absorbed, which in combination enables a precise determination to be made.
Detectors & Imaging

Switchable IR detector offers cheaper solution for autonomous vehicles

Oct. 20, 2021
A new device is able to image in both the near-IR and SWIR ranges, which could boost the performance of technology including smartphones, autonomous vehicles, and the Internet...