Precision-instrument maker Metrohm acquires spectroscopy company B&W Tek

July 27, 2018
As both companies make Raman spectrometers, melding the two creates a Raman spectroscopy powerhouse.

Metrohm (Herisau, Switzerland), which makes Raman spectrometers (and many other types of measurement instruments as well), has acquired B&W Tek's (Newark, Delaware) Spectroscopy Solution Business, B&W Tek LLC, and several overseas subsidiaries. As B&W Tek specializes in Raman spectroscopy, the acquisition should boost Metrohm's presence in the Raman spectrometers market, enhancing the company's global reach.

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Both parties agreed to keep details about the acquisition confidential.

B&W Tek will continue to operate under its own brand with its own service and sales organization for the time being. After a transition period, the gradual integration of B&W Tek into the Metrohm organization will start, says Metrohm.

Founded in 1997 by Sean Wang, B&W Tek produces handheld and other Raman spcctrometers, as well as laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) technology and near-IR and UV/VIS spectrometers and systems. B&W Tek also has sites in China, Taiwan, and Germany.

Source: Metrohm

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