New metrology tool adds to Matrox Imaging Library

Sept. 14, 2006
September 14, 2006, Dorval, Quebec, Canada--Matrox Imaging has added a new metrology module to the Matrox Imaging Library (MIL).

September 14, 2006, Dorval, Quebec, Canada--Matrox Imaging has added a new metrology module to the Matrox Imaging Library (MIL). "Given the strides we've made in the image processing fields, adding a metrology tool was the next logical step for MIL," said Pierantonio Boriero, product line manager.

As part of Processing Pack 3, the latest update to the current MIL 8.0 release, the metrology module tool measures and constructs geometric features. Users may measure finite features such as arcs, circles, line segments, and points in specific image regions, and can also construct features within the image. In addition, users may define and validate tolerances from dimensions, positions and shape (angularity, concentricity, perpendicularity, roundness and straightness).

The metrology module supports calibration to obtain results in real-world coordinate systems. Other Processing Pack 3 enhancements include a new function to facilitate 3D profiling, support for reconstituting blobs that straddle adjoining images, as well as an adaptive threshold to facilitate reading 1-D bar codes in non-uniform lighting conditions.

MIL 8.0 Processing Pack 3 is available to MIL 8.0 users as part of the maintenance program. Contact Matrox Imaging for more information.

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