Radiant Vision Systems to discuss CCD versus CMOS imaging for photometric measurements of displays at edC 2019

Feb. 7, 2019
Jens Jensen of Radiant will discuss analysis of displays for AR/VR/MR devices, including micro-LED displays.
(Image: Radiant Vision Systems)
Radiant Vision Systems to discuss CCD versus CMOS imaging for photometric measurements of displays at edC 2019.
Radiant Vision Systems to discuss CCD versus CMOS imaging for photometric measurements of displays at edC 2019.

At the electronic displays Conference 2019 (edC; Feb. 27 to 28, 2019, Nuremberg, Germany), photometric imaging systems maker Radiant Vision Systems (Redmond, WA) will delve into the company's specialty at a technical presentation given by Jens Jensen, director of product development at Radiant. The topic, "Understanding Imaging System Specifications for Pixel-Level Measurement of Displays," is especially relevant in this time of intense development of new types of displays, including organic LED (OLED), quantum-dot-based, and micro-LED.

These days, technical advances in displays are at least partly driven by the needs of augmented/virtual/mixed reality (AR/VR/MR) devices, such as high resolution and, especially, high pixel density. As a result, display pixels are becoming smaller and more densely populated across display screens. These changes help limit visible pixelation and "screen-door" effects (the noticeable spaces seen between pixels as displays are viewed close up). To ensure the accuracy of small, compact display pixels, measurement systems used for display design and quality control must be able to characterize the light performance of each emitting element precisely and repeatably.

At the edC, Jensen will explain the importance of pixel-level measurement of displays, focusing on emissive displays whose light values are produced at the pixel level and are therefore extremely susceptible to variation. He will discuss the critical sensor properties of today's high-resolution imaging technologies used for photometric analysis of displays.Comparison of CCD and CMOS-based photometric imaging systems The presentation includes a comparison of measurement data taken by CCD- and CMOS-based imaging systems (using sensors of equivalent resolution), and will show how these systems' sensor properties affect image noise and measurement repeatability across display bright states, as illustrated by photon-transfer curves (PTCs). The presentation will end up with with Radiant's findings about the sensor type that optimizes accuracy and repeatability in pixel-level display measurement. This technical presentation will be held as part of Session 02: Display Measurements taking place on the first day of the conference, Wednesday, February 27, from 1:35-1:55 PM (13:35-13:55).

For more info on the electronic displays Conference and to register, see www.electronic-displays.de. For info on Radiant Vision Systems, see www.RadiantVisionSystems.com.

Source: https://www.radiantvisionsystems.com/news/radiant-presents-imaging-sensor-performance-pixel-measurement-electronic-displays-conference-2019

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