Steinbichler Optotechnik sensor features pulsed operation

Feb. 10, 2012
The Comet L3D 5M 5-megapixel sensor has a maximum measuring field size of 500 mm. Its pulsed operation is adapted to the LED for higher light intensity.

The Comet L3D 5M 5-megapixel sensor has a maximum measuring field size of 500 mm. Its pulsed operation is adapted to the LED for higher light intensity. The portable 3D sensor has a low working distance and is designed for applications such as quality control in industrial settings.
Steinbichler Optotechnik
Neubeuern, Germany

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COMET L3D 5M – The new dimension of efficient 3D data acquisition from Steinbichler Optotechnik

Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH, the worldwide leading supplier of optical measuring and sensor technology presents the new 5 Megapixel Sensor COMET L3D 5M. "In comparison to the basic model COMET L3D, the "5M" offers improved camera resolution for a higher level of surface detail. Even highly structured components can be captured in great detail. By doing so, we achieve a maximum measuring field size of 500mm. Besides this, the COMET L3D 5M also has a newly developed pulsed operation adapted to the LED, which provides for a higher light intensity," explains Hans Weigert, head of sales/marketing at Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH, about the changes in comparison to the basic model.

The particularly compact and efficient COMET L3D 5M opens up a new dimension of efficient 3D data acquisition with its innovative LED lighting technology. The ultra-portable device does this even more easily, faster and more precisely. Therefore, and as it is economic, the 3D sensor presents an ideal entry-level solution for users who would like to use the wide range of optic measuring technologies without compromising on technology, service and data quality. Yet the COMET L3D 5M is also ideal for challenging applications, such as quality control. The robust construction and the dust-proof optical components allow the device to be used under industrial conditions. Furthermore, the extremely compact dimensions and the low weight mean the user can use conventional accessories such as a camera tripod to position the sensor. As already known from COMET L3D, the transport and commissioning of the complete system require minimum effort. The particularly easy handling and usability of the system offer the user the greatest possible flexibility as well as maximum efficiency when handling any measuring work.

The BLUE-LED technology of the COMET L3D 5M sensor provides for extremely fast recording of up to 5M measuring points. In the case of components with many features, this procedure is far faster than measuring using conventional, tactile systems. The contact-less measuring principle of the COMET L3D 5M impressively showcases its advantages, particularly when measuring delicate objects (e.g. made from plastic or foam material), which is very difficult to do with tactile sensors and conventional measuring machines. The low working distance also ensures problem-free work, even in confined spaces The sensor housing of the COMET L3D has the tried and tested single camera technology from Steinbichler. The intelligent software concept also provides for the combination with photogrammetric measuring procedures to digitalise large objects.

Besides quality control and inspection, particularly of small and medium-sized plastic and metal parts, the 3D sensor has various other demanding areas of application: actual/target comparison of measuring data for the CAD data record, tool and mould manufacture, tool reconstruction, scanned data to generate milling paths, recording of actual data after tool release, the design field, when scanning design models for CAD further processing and documentation, rapid manufacturing, when recording 3D data for rapid prototyping procedures, reverse engineering and 3D scanning as well as when recording historical art objects, for example for archaeology, etc. "The diverse areas of application as well as the interesting price/performance ratio definitely play an important role in the great success of the COMET L3D which was first launched in the mid 2011. With the "5M", we are now presenting the new top model of the series, which, in some features, offers even more and thus also expands areas of application," concludes Hans Weigert.

Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH is well-known around the world for its years of expertise in high-precision optical measurement and sensor technology as well as for efficient hardware and software solutions designed primarily around the needs of the automotive, aerospace and tire industries. Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Neubeuern, Germany, the international company today has a staff of 150 employees. In addition to a worldwide distributor network, Steinbichler has subsidiaries in the USA, Brazil, China, India and Portugal. Reference customers include Airbus, Audi, BMW, Boeing, Daimler, EADS, Siemens, Sony and Thyssen. Further information about Steinbichler Optotechnik is available on our website at


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