Tiltan to unveil revolutionary lidar system at ILMF

January 24, 2008, Petach Tikva, Israel--A new lidar system offers feature-laden software that performs at unprecedented speed.

January 24, 2008, Petach Tikva, Israel--Tiltan Systems Engineering is pleased to announce that it will unveil the latest version of its 2D and 3D lidar processing tool, TLiD, at the International LIDAR Mapping Forum (IMLF) 2008, to be held February 21-22 at the Adam's Mark Hotel in Denver, CO.

"TLiD is already the fastest standalone solution on the market, processing 500 square kilometers per day on a standard PC," says Arie Shafir, Tiltan's CEO. "Now, our QA features enhance processing accuracy, allowing major projects to be completed within a few days."

Tiltan leverages its experience in the 3D simulator world to create a design featuring 2D and 3D images running side-by-side, with the ability to automatically select a point on one image and be transferred to the same spot on the other image. This enables better understanding and QA of cloud-point and automatically derived vectors.

The TLiD software package allows for rapid importability of large files and automatic, quick processing, driven by a small number of customizable parameters, increasing accuracy and reducing training requirements. The QA screens enable full-color customization of individual features, allowing for easy differentiation.

TLiD input is a standard geo-referenced LAS or TXT point cloud. Outputs are DEM, DSM vectors in multiple user-selectable coordinate systems and data formats. Tiltan's QA team focused on accuracy testing to assure ASPRS Class 1 topographic elevation accuracy, given a suitable point cloud.

"It was extremely important to us to give our customers a lidar package that makes them financially competitive," concludes Shafir. "TLiD can leverage quad-processors, allowing clients to finish previously month-long projects in a single day, immediately realizing ROI. Also, clients can process their lidar data onsite or via a Tiltan partner, which greatly expands the pool of users who can now benefit from our industry-leading lidar solution." --V.C.

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