Light measurement is focus of Pro-Lite acquisition of SphereOptics GmbH

April 25, 2011
Cranfield, England--To grow its light measurement business in the German and Eastern European markets, Pro-Lite Technology acquired a majority shareholding in SphereOptics GmbH.

Cranfield, England--To help grow its light measurement business in the German, German-speaking, and Eastern European markets, Pro-Lite Technology has acquired a majority shareholding in German company SphereOptics GmbH (Uhldingen, Germany), effective 1 April 2011. Pro-Lite specializes in equipment and services for measuring light and the optical properties of materials; lasers and related equipment; optomechanics and positioning equipment; optics and optical materials. SphereOptics serves the markets with light measurement, NIR spectroscopic and hyperspectral instrumentation, as well as diffuse reflectance materials and optical standards.

Formed in 2002, Pro-Lite distributes the light measurement products made by Labsphere, Radiant Imaging, Ocean Optics, and Konica Minolta in the UK and Ireland. Formed in 2003, SphereOptics GmbH distributes the products made by Labsphere, Radiant Imaging, ASD, and Headwall Photonics. SphereOptics GmbH was originally the German sister of American company SphereOptics LLC. SphereOptics LLC was acquired by Labsphere in 2010 which resulted in SphereOptics GmbH distributing the integrating sphere and light measurement products of the combined Labsphere/SphereOptics.

Pro-Lite and SphereOptics share a common focus in serving the lighting, LED, display and automotive markets with photometric, spectroradiometric and goniophotometric test equipment for luminaires, solid-state lighting, lamps, displays, and LEDs. The combined company’s mission is to become the premiere company providing light measurement and optical instrumentation to the European market.

Pro-Lite made significant investments in 2010. The company doubled the size of its premises at the Cranfield University Innovation Centre (near Milton Keynes, UK) and invested more than $160,000 in a photometric test & demonstration laboratory. Pro-Lite also provides a rental service for photometers that are used to measure the "brightness" and color of displays and all manner of light sources (lamps, luminaires, LEDs). Pro-Lite’s photometric measurement and equipment hire services will now be available to customers of SphereOptics in Germany, as well as in German-speaking and Eastern European countries.

SphereOptics’ Christina Boehme will continue to serve as General Manager and minority shareholder under Pro-Lite’s ownership. Boehme said, "SphereOptics is pleased to be working with Pro-Lite. We serve similar markets with the same light measurement products from Labsphere and Radiant Imaging. Pro-Lite’s technical leadership will support the growth of the SphereOptics business in Germany and Eastern Europe."

SOURCE: Pro-Lite;

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