Titan Tool Supply measuring microscope offers 40X standard magnification

The XAM-1 measuring microscope has a digital micrometer that shows readings in 0.00005 in. (0.001 mm) increments.

Jul 12th, 2011
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The XAM-1 measuringmicroscope has a digital micrometer that shows readings in 0.00005 in. (0.001 mm) increments. The microscope frame moves on a precision dovetail slide (measuring capacity range of 1.1 in./27.94 mm) with the movement read by the micrometer. Standard magnification is 40X, with optional objective lenses of 2, 3, 5, 10, and 20X.
Titan Tool Supply
Buffalo, NY

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Titan Tool Introduces New Low-Cost Model XAM-1 Measuring Microscope with Dovetail Slide and Digital Micrometer for Precision Measurements and Recording

(MAY 2011) – Available with a digital micrometer that shows readings in 0.00005-inch (0.001mm) divisions, the new XAM-1 Measuring Microscope from Titan Tool Supply, Inc., Buffalo, NY, provides precision measurements that are not limited by magnification, field of view, or a calibrated reticle for its measuring capacity. Instead, the microscope frame moves on a precision dovetail slide (measuring capacity range of 1.1-inch / 27.94mm) with the movement read by the micrometer. Since the XAM-1 is portable and sits directly over the workpiece to be measured, it can be used while the workpiece is still in a machine without disturbing “set-up,” and it can be used instead of a higher-cost optical comparator or toolmaker’s microscope when it is not feasible to bring the workpiece to the microscope. The digital micrometer can be programmed for “GO-NOGO” tolerance settings and readings.

Model XAM-1 has a standard magnification of 40X, which can be changed by ordering optional objective lenses of 2X, 3X, 5X, 10X, and 20X. A 20X eyepiece with a 20X objective lens provides a maximum magnification of 400X. Field of view at 40X is 0.402-inch (10.21mmm). Working distance is 0.910-inch (23.11mm). Resolution is 161 lines per mm. Illumination is provided by by the FOI-150 Fiberoptic Light Source in conjunction with FOI-1 Bifurcated Light Guide or the RI-17 Fibre Optic Ring Illuminator.

Titan Tool states that construction of the stand of the new XAM-1 microscope is modular so that the round legs can be easily removed or a special, longer vertical post can be substituted. The unit is well-balanced on its stand, allowing the microscope to be used observing between the two round legs or rotated 180 degrees so that the legs are in the rear of the microscope frame. The unit can be used to measure point-to-point on printed circuit boards, electrical circuit art work, small molded parts, miniature machined parts, and other precision measuring applications.

The XAM-1 can be converted to video by removing the 10X eyepiece and purchasing a TSTVA-12 video adapter, according to Titan Tool.

For more information, contact Titan Tool Supply, Inc., 68 Comet Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14216. Phone: 716-873-9907. Fax: 716-873-9998. Email:info@titantoolsupply.com. www.TitanToolSupply.com. For detailed product information or to download a PDF files of individual product sheets, visit: http://www.titantoolsupply.com/content.asp?cid=821


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