Biophotonic permeation kinetics measured easily with award-winning ARP terahertz scanning reflectometer (VIDEO)

June 9, 2011
Baltimore, MD--At OSA's CLEO 2011, Applied Research & Photonics (ARP) showed how easy it is to measure permeation kinetics with their CLEO/LFW Innovation Award-winning terahertz scanning reflectometer.

Baltimore, MD--At the 2011 OSA Conference on Lasers and Electro Optics (CLEO), Applied Research & Photonics (ARP; Harrisburg, PA) CEO and CTO Anis Rahman showed how effective it is to measure biophotonic permeation kinetics using their 2011 CLEO/Laser Focus World Innovation Award-winning terahertz scanning reflectometer.

This ARP photonics test & measurement instrument is the only one that provides measurement of both the concentration gradient of a permeating ingredient across the thickness of a substrate (such as skin tissue) and the rate (kinetics) of the permeation. Using the difference frequency method, a CW terahertz signal is generated and directed to a sample by an off-axis parabolic reflector. A motion controller scans the beam through the sample thickness, and a detector records the reflected signal both with and without the permeating ingredient in real time while the ingredient is diffusing. Computations using the reflection data deliver both concentration of the permeation ingredient and its diffusion rate over time.

In addition to measuring diffusion coefficients for biological tissues and organisms in the life sciences, the terahertz reflectometer can also be used for substrate measurement in the optics and semiconductor industry, without the need for fluorescence or radioisotope labeling (label-free measurement). For more information, contact ARP at

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