Yenista opens US repair office for fiber-optic test equipment

Sept. 24, 2011
Lannion, France--Yenista Optics has established a Princeton, NJ office that includes a repair and calibration laboratory for its tunable laser and tunable filter products.

Lannion, France--Fiber-optic test and measurement equipment company Yenista Optics S.A. has established Yenista Optics Inc.--its US office in Princeton, NJ--that includes a repair and calibration laboratory for its tunable laser and tunable filter products.

Yenista says its filters have the most advanced specifications on the market. Its "Tunics" tunable lasers originally date back to Photonetics (later Nettest and Anritsu). The Office will provide both pre- and post-sales support to its North American customers including full repair and calibration services. In addition, it will provide repair and calibration services for the large installed base of Tunics and OSICS fiber-optic products manufactured in the past by Photonetics, Nettest, and Anritsu. Yenista says fast turn-around times will be ensured thanks to the large stock of original replacement parts.

Yenista CEO Michiel Van Der Keur said, "We have successfully introduced Yenista’s products on the North-American market through a partnership with JGR Services. The past two years were fundamental in promoting our portfolio and creating brand awareness. Establishing the US office will build on this foundation to provide enhanced support and services to our US customers. For the Canadian market, we will continue our partnership with JGR Services."

Yenista Optics, founded in 2003, offers fixed and tunable wavelength lasers, tunable filters, variable attenuators, and optical switches used in the telecommunications industry; specifically for DWDM applications. It also supplies optical modules and instruments on an OEM basis. The business expanded significantly in 2009 with the acquisition of Anritsu’s laboratory optical products including the Tunics Lasers and the OSICS multifunction platform.

SOURCE: Yenista;

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