QED Technologies optics services use proprietary polishing and metrology technologies

Nov. 15, 2011
QED Optics polishing and metrology services for optics use the company's MRF and SSI technologies.

QED Optics polishing and metrology services for optics use the company's MRF and SSI technologies. Offered on a contract basis, available services include polishing or metrology of flats, spheres, on- and off-axis aspheres, freeform optics, and cylinders ranging from approximately 1 mm to 1 m in diameter. With its own technical, engineering, and business staff as well as manufacturing facility, the service offering guides customers through the entire optics fabrication process.
QED Technologies
Rochester, NY


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QED Technologies Introduces New Service Offering - QED Optics.

QED Technologies International Inc, (QED), pioneer and exclusive provider of Magnetorheological Finishing (MRF®) polishing and Subaperture Stitching Interferometry (SSI®) metrology platforms for the precision optics industry, announces the introduction of a new service offering named QED Optics.

QED Optics specializes in precision optics polishing and metrology services using QED’s MRF and SSI technologies. Services are offered on a contract basis and include polishing or metrology of flats, spheres, on-axis and off-axis aspheres, freeform optics and cylinders. QED Optics has the capability to work with optical components ranging from approximately 1 millimeter to 1 meter in diameter. In addition to MRF polishing and SSI metrology services, QED Optics intends to help a customer manage the complete optics fabrication process from securing raw material to shipping the final coated optical component.

QED has appointed a dedicated technical, engineering and business staff and established a newly renovated manufacturing facility for QED Optics. The facility is equipped with MRF and SSI polishing and metrology systems and a metrology tower for measuring large aperture optics. Mike DeMarco, formerly North American Sales Manager for QED Technologies is Business Manager for QED Optics. Mr. DeMarco has over 20 years experience in the precision optics industry.“With QED Optics, the capabilities of MRF and SSI technologies are accessible to the entire optics community” said DeMarco.

“We offer manufacturing services to those who want to explore novel applications and may have capability, capacity or capital constraints. In addition, if a customer needs manufacturing services beyond what we offer in-house, our goal is to be able to turnkey the entire process. With our new facility, expert staff, a wide range of MRF and SSI equipment and industry know-how at our fingertips, we believe we are uniquely positioned to serve the precision optics market in this fashion.”

For more information about QED Optics, please visit www.qedoptics.com.


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