Taylor Hobson optical metrology instrument offers 3D capability

March 20, 2011
The new Talysurf PGI 3D optics metrology instrument offers a wide-diameter measuring range of lenses up to 200 mm and 3D capability.

The new Talysurf PGI 3D opticsmetrology instrument offers a wide-diameter measuring range of lenses up to 200 mm and 3D capability. The instrument can measure optics used in a range of applications including cell phones, digital cameras, Blu-ray players, projectors, and medical and IR imaging. The embedded software provides “one-click” calibration and execution of a sequence of measurements.
Taylor Hobson
Leicester, England


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Taylor Hobson Launch the Talysurf PGI 3D Optics
Diameters from <2mm and up to 200 mm can be measured - This dedicated metrology instrument is ideal for the precision 3D form Measurement of shallow and steep-sided aspheric lenses and moulds.

Taylor Hobson launches the new Talysurf PGI 3D Optics metrology instrument offering wider diameter measuring range of lenses up to 200mm and 3D capability.

The machine continues to expand the capabilities of the Talysurf family of instruments. Developed from the PGI Blu, the PGI 3D Optics offers the combination of a wider range of part diameters, up to 200 mm, with new features supporting 3D measurement. Repeatability can be typically lower than 50nm.

This machine provides maximum flexibility to the customers with measurements possible on optics ranging from small (<2 mm diameter, pictured bottom right) parts with high numerical apertures up to parts of 200mm (pictured middle right) in diameter with 20mm of sag. This allows the instrument to measure optics used in a range of applications including: Cell phones, digital cameras, Blu-Ray players, projectors, medical and infra-red thermal imaging as used for rescue systems, security and military applications.

The embedded software provides "one-click" calibration and execution of a sequence of measurements. The instrument includes the capability of complete aspheric analysis of the measurement results, which enables the users to see the true form of the component without the need for any further measurement analysis.

This new automated approach is a significant advancement in instrument automation bringing with it benefits that include ease of use and operating efficiency, which makes the instrument suited to both R & D and factory floor environments. The use in manufacturing provides large potential cost savings to the company.

The PGI 3D Optics is ideal for 3D form measurement of shallow and steep sided moulds and lenses (up to 85 degrees). In addition to measurement of aspheric lenses up to 200mm it also provides full support for the measurement of diffractive lenses. Diffractive analysis of the results is possible using the included, powerful, Asphero-Diffractive Analysis software.

Based on the established Talysurf PGI Blu this machine adds even more automation and flexibility to deliver the worlds most advanced and versatile 3D optics measurement tool. Talysurf PGI 3D Optics - the future of optics measurement.


Posted by Lee Mather

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