Photo Research - JADAK merger expands Novanta color/inspection offerings

June 26, 2016
Photo Research merged with its Novanta sister company JADAK for improved light and color measurement solutions.

Photo Research (PR; Chatsworth, CA) merged with its Novanta sister company JADAK (Syracuse, NY), a manufacturer of machine vision, radio-frequency identification (RFID), barcode products, and printing solutions for the health care and life science industries. It relocated its production, service, calibration, and customer service operations from Chatsworth, CA to JADAK's headquarters in Syracuse on June 13. Photo Research manufactures spectroradiometers and photonics products, and provides light and color measurement solutions serving the flat-panel display, automotive, aerospace, and related industries.

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"The move to Upstate New York provides our team with the opportunity to capitalize on the larger operational and engineering resources available within the JADAK family to continue to push the company forward and offer new solutions while still retaining our name and history," said Bill Polinsky, managing director of Photo Research. "We're excited to offer our customers improved levels of product quality, value and customer service, and continued performance improvements at an accelerated rate."

With PR becoming a part of JADAK, it allows JADAK to expand its offerings to include a new line of spectroscopy products measuring spectral response from reagents and biopsies to other materials for JADAK’s traditional original equipment manufacturer (OEM) medical device customers. There will be a strengthened investment in product innovation for PR customers. JADAK and PR are hiring for positions in production, service, management and supply chain for Syracuse.

"We're proud to continue to invest, grow and hire right here in Central New York," said Janie Goddard, president of JADAK. "PR becoming a division of JADAK builds on the influx of high-technology opportunities in greater Central New York and will have a long-lasting economic impact on the region."

JADAK continues to grow in its recently renovated Syracuse headquarters. This is the third company to become a part of JADAK. The first two were General Scanning Printer Technologies and SkyeTek RFID in 2015. Since September 2015, JADAK has hired 45 employees in Syracuse and across the country.

Currently there are 19 open positions across the JADAK organization. To apply to a position, visit

JADAK is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 registered. JADAK quality auditors have validated and documented every PR instrument, function, key processes and procedures, ensuring that the PR operation is mirrored in its new facility in Syracuse. PR contacts for production, service, calibration and customer service will become Syracuse-based team members. PR’s research and design engineering and sales teams will remain in California.

As the first of many new innovations to come from the merger, PR announced its newest product, the Tru-Image 2D Imager. The imager offers high resolution (8 megapixels), high speed (color measurements as fast as 3.5 seconds) and high sensitivity (0.005 cd/m2). It has the ability to simultaneously measure several locations of a display, avionic panel or keypad. It speeds up tedious measurements by automatically finding characters within the entire image or defined fields and then calculating the average luminance of only the illuminated characters of interest. There is no need to make an individual measurement of each character.

PR has three main product lines: (1) Spectra--the portable, battery-operated PR-6 spectroradiometer series that includes the PR-655, PR-670 and PR-680/L; (2) the PR-7 series SpectraScan line that complements the PR-6 series with a sensitivity of 0.000017 cd/m2 and an industry first, automated variable spectral bandwidth down to 2 nm; and (3) the Pritchard line photometer, including the PR-880, the only fully automated filter photometer for automated factory, test equipment, and original equipment manufacturer environments.

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