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Th 136233
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Aimed for production-line testing of LEDs, the GS-1253-LED is a lab-grade LED spectroradiometer that measures spectral characteristics including luminous intensity, color purity, low uncertainty chromaticity coordinates, dominant wavelength, and correlated color temperature of white illuminates. It is based on photodiode array technology, materials with very low thermal expansion, and a proprietary LED mount. It comes in spectral ranges of 360 to 780 nm or 380 to 810 nm, and has Windows-based control and analysis software.
Gamma Scientific,
San Diego, CA

High-power laser diode

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The Pico-TA 110 laser diode delivers pulses with a width of 100 ps FWHM and peak power up to 30 W at 780 nm. Wavelength depends on the laser oscillator module selected, with options ranging from 760 to 1060 nm. The repetition rate is adjustable and the amplification of the master laser's peak power can be adjusted by more than a factor of 10. The device, which consists of a pulse seed laser and a tapered amplifier, is available as a stand-alone unit or as an extension for existing laser sources. A module generating second-harmonic radiation in the green range is available.
Berlin, Germany

Beam analyzer additions

Th 136249
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New features of the LBA-PC laser-beam analyzer include a camera digitizer card and Windows software for beam profile analysis. The new version adds an Active X interface for remote computer control and data collection, with example programs provided in LabVIEW, Excel , and Visual Basic. A new pointing stability strip-chart display lets the user see long-term laser stability, charting x and y centroid location, peak location, and radius of location position.
Logan, UT

Beam homogenizer

Th 136236
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The Fly's Eye beam homogenizer converts the characteristically nonuniform beam of a UV excimer laser into a homogeneous beam with 95% uniformity while using more than 80% of the laser power. The single-element array adapts to most commercial lasers. Its long working distance, typically 1 to 2 m, provides a beam size from 8 mm to 1.5 cm. The distance and the slow optical f-number allow it to be easily re-imaged.
Hollis, NH

Tunable lasers

The TLB-6500-H-09 is a swept-wavelength tunable laser for the 980-nm band. Other new additions to the TLB-6500 line cover the O band (1260 to 1340 nm) and E & S bands (1425 to 1525 nm). The lasers were designed specifically for high-volume ..testing of WDM optical components, pump components, and amplifiers. Features include 100-nm/s mode-hop-free tuning, 30-pm open-loop accuracy, and 24/7 reliability.
New Focus, San Jose, CA

Reflection sampling system

The RSS-VA variable-angle reflection sampling system is a compact optomechanical device that couples to spectrometers and light sources to measure spectral reflectance of optical substrates from 200 to 1100 nm at varying angles of incidence. The device is suited for characterizing a variety of optical substrates, especially metallic and dielectric coatings.
Ocean Optics,
Dunedin, FL

MEMS foundry

Th 136237
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Foundry services for microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) provides companies with design, rapid prototyping, manufacture, and packaging of MEMS for optical networking and other applications. The company also provides MEMS chips for variable optical attenuators, optical switch chips for small-port accounts, and large-port optical switches for optical crossconnects.
Olympus Partnership
Development Group,
San Jose, CA

Optical-filter specification system

Build-A-Filter is an interactive e-commerce tool designed to accelerate optical-filter specification, quoting, and ordering as an integral part of its Rapid Custom Filter Program. The web-based Build-A-Filter program prompts customers to provide all relevant spectral, physical, and application specifications so that the company can provide the optimal filter solution.
Omega Optical,
Brattleboro, VT

Optical-design software

OptiFDTD 4.0 is a new software release that enables design and simulation of advanced passive and nonlinear photonic components. Enhancements to existing features include dedicated modules for PBG layout, band solvers, and new boundary conditions. New features include the integration with OptiBPM waveguide-modeling software to enable seamless exchange of layout designs and simulation results.
Optiwave, Ottawa,

Fused-coupler components

A new line of fused-coupler components includes an amplifier pump WDM and compact in-line power monitors. The WDM enables the combination of the 980-nm pump laser with the signal in EDFA and ASE sources. The power monitor is an in-line, noninvasive, compact-fiber evanescent field device to replace the tap coupler-photodiode combination previously used in EDFA modules.
Pheonix Photonics,
Surrey, England

Single-mode fiber

SM Light is a new single-mode fiber fully characterized in the L-band up to 1625 nm. The new fiber is designed for high-bit-rate applications, splicing, and resistance to bending and external mechanical stress. Cladding diameter is 125 µm, coating diameter is 245 µm, and core/cladding concentricity error is £0.5 µm.
Pirelli Telecom Cables and Systems,
Milan, Italy

Laser with wavelength scanning option

The new Indigo-S is a tunable nanosecond pulsed laser based on the harmonics of Ti: sapphire. The laser includes a wavelength scanning option that provides computer controlled wavelength scanning with 0.1-cm-1 step size. This option allows for automated coarse-wavelength tuning and automated fine-wavelength scanning.
Positive Light,
Los Gatos, CA


Th 136238
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The SMS-10 universal goniophotometer from Optronik provides photopically corrected measurement of brightness, illuminance in lux, and ..color from sources with directional light distributions, such as LEDs and headlights. It comes in five models for testing sources from miniature lamps to traffic-signal lamps weighing 150 kg. A silicon photosensor provides eye-like response.
Pro-Lite Technology,
Milton Keynes, England

SWIR hyperspectral cameras

Th 136239
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Two new spectral cameras work in the short-wave infrared, covering ranges of 900 to1700 nm and 1000 to 2400 nm. Cameras acquire images at 255 contiguous hyperspectral bands with spectral resolution of 5 to10 nm. The cameras provide high sensitivity, high image rates up to 100 Hz, and are packaged in a rugged housing, making them suitable for industrial and scientific applications as well as to terrestrial and airborne imaging. The new cameras complement the company's previous line of spectral cameras that work in visible and VNIR (400 to 1000 nm) range.
Specim, Spectral Imaging,
Oulu, Finland


Th 136240
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A wideband variable optical attenuator (VOA) based on MEMS is designed for power leveling in wavelength-division multiplexing. It is available in 20-, 30-, and 45-dB versions in an epoxy-free, hermetically sealed coaxial package. The device operates on a 0- to 5-V control signal.
Santec, Aichi, Japan

Brushless DC motor

Th 136241
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The new, low-profile, 000-0317 brushless DC kit motor is designed with an operating voltage of 12 V and can deliver more than 75 oz-in. of torque. The motor has a 0.51-in. profile and a diameter of 3.77 in. The motor has a large inner-rotor dimension to accommodate many mounting configurations including light-beam passage or wire/cable channeling.
Servo Magnetics,
Canoga Park, CA


Th 136242
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NIR spectrometers for the 0.9- to 2.2-µm range include optics that have no moving parts. The TE cooled detectors are InGaAs photodiode arrays with 1024 pixels, each 25 µm wide and 500 µm tall. Extended-range detectors for the 1.42- to 2.2-µm range are 250 µm tall. The EPP2000-NIR-InGaAs are miniature fiberoptic ..spectrometers used for lab and portable applications.
StellarNet, Tampa, FL

Air-cooled CO2 lasers

Th 136243
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New 300-W and 150-W air-cooled CO2 lasers have built-in RF supplies, integrated cooling, and provide high beam quality in both the near and far fields. The new lasers will also have a water-cooled option available.
Universal Laser Systems,
Scottsdale, AZ

Single-shot autocorrelator

Th 136244
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The Delta compact, single-shot autocorrelator is based on a patent-pending cross-correlation design. The autocorrelator measures single-shot, ultrafast pulses from 30-fs to 150-ps pulse width. The basic model is small enough to fit into the palm of one's hand.
U-Oplaz Technologies,
Chatsworth, CA

UV fluorescent source

Th 136245
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An industrial-grade fluorescent lighting system, the Model 10X1 circular fluorescent illuminator is designed as a light source for applications including imaging, process control, and inspection for machine vision. It is built of a black anodized aluminum ..extrusion and powered by a 25-kHz driver, and provides 360° of uniform UV illumination.
StockerYale, Salem, NH

Optical components

Optical components, manufactured in-house, are available up to 12.0-in. diameter. Examples of specifications include 10 to 5 scratch and dig, 10 arcsec parallelism, 1/10 wave flat on plano components and 1/4 wave on radiused items. Standard optical coatings include highly reflective, antireflective, and percent transmission. Flatness up to 1/20 wave is available.
XTAL Optronics,
Monument, CO

Video microscope system

Th 136246
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The SuperVision high-power video microscope system has been upgraded to allow sharing of a VGA or better monitor with a user-supplied PC. Additional improvements include a built-in USB video frame grabber, auto-switching 100/240-V, 50/60-Hz power supplies, improved camera sensor technology, and independent lighting controls. Three different models are available that provide zoom-magnification power of 6x to 180x.
Vision Technology, St. Louis, MO

Integrated light source

Th 136247
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An integrated amplified spontaneous emission source (ASE) and optical spectrum analyzer engine (OSA) is designed for sensor systems based on very long and dense FBG arrays. The integrated light source is offered on a PCI card, as a self-contained unit, or as an OEM module for integration into handheld instruments.
NP Photonics, Tucson, AZ

Ultrafast-laser optics

Th 136248
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A line of optics has been optimized for long life with ultrafast laser beams. The line includes mirrors, windows, spherical and cylindrical lenses, beamsplitters, and output couples. Lower-power optics use coatings that offer spectral bandwidth of more than 150 nm for tunable source or transform-limited pulses. Others have coating to withstand high peak powers.
Alpine Research Optics,
Boulder, CO

Modular optical enclosures

Th 136250
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Modular optical enclosures come in three standard sizes, 400 × 300 × 175 mm weighing approximately 13 kg, 600 × 400 × 175 mm weighing about 23 kg, and 750 × 500 × 175 mm weighing about 33 kg. They include aluminum alloy base-plate with an array of M6 tapped blind holes on 25-mm centers, surface roughness better than 0.64 µm, thickness tolerance to ± 0.1 mm, and flatness deviation better than 0.2 mm/m.
Applied Photonics,
North Yorkshire, England

Industrial lasers

Th 136251
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Two diode-pumped, solid-state Nd:YVO4 lasers for industrial use operate at 355 nm. The Aion Industrial 355-1-V has average power of 1 V and the 355-3-V of 3 V. They have beam quality of M2 < 1.5 and pulse-to-pulse stability of less than 3% rms at 30 kHz. They have a modular design for low maintenance.
Bavarian Photonics,
Germering, Germany


BondShield 5-004 is a UV-curable matrix material for bonding optical fibers into a ribbon structure. It provides mid-span entry of the ribbon using ethanol. The adhesive is nonyellowing, highly stable, and fast curing, with a low coefficient of friction to reduce attenuation and bend sensitivity.
Borden Chemical, Cincinnati, OH

Optical power meter

Th 136252
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The KI 3600 general-purpose, handheld, fiberoptic power meter from Kingfisher International measures absolute and relative light levels in multimode and single-mode systems. It comes in four models, the Ge for multimode LAN measurements with better accuracy at 850 nm, the InGaAs for single-mode 1550 nm, the Si for 850 nm and industrial applications, and H3 for high-power measurement.
Champion Computer Technologies, Beachwood, OH

CMOS camera

The CMI Ultra is a machine-vision-class CMOS camera with USB-2 interface. It can accept any lens that uses an industry-standard C-mount. It comes with API software and an application that allows users to modify camera parameters and capture images in various resolutions.
Computer Modules,
San Diego, CA

Image-processing software

The new version of Windows-based software for image processing and analysis, Sapera Processing 5, includes a geometric location tool to recognize objects and patterns regardless of orientation and scale.
It can achieve accuracy up to 1/40th of a pixel. Basis image processing includes filtering, geometry, measurement, morphology and transform operations.
Coreco Imaging,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Nonlinear crystals

A line of nonlinear crystals includes BBO, KTP, LiNbO3, MgO:LiNbO3, and LilO3. Laser crystals include Nd:YVO4, Nd:GdVO4, Nd:YAG, Yb:YAG, Cr:YAG, and Er:YAG. E-O crystals include KD*P, LiNbO3, BBO, and KTP. A-O Crystals include PbMoO4 and TeO2. Photorefractive crystals include Ce:BaTiO3, Rh:BaTiO3, BGO, BSO, and Fe:LiNbO3.
Corstec, Beijing, China

Component tester

Th 136253
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The Model 2004/3112 980-nm component spectrum analyzer is designed to test optical components in the 940- 1000-nm range, such as fiber Bragg gratings, splitters, polarization beam combiners, and band separators. The tested wavelength range can be optimized for a particular device using tunable laser sources. The system can test multiple fiber types.
dBm Optics, Boulder, CO

Power protection

An optical fuse, optical power limiter, optical network protector, and high-power optical terminator are designed to protect components and equipment in optical networks from overpower conditions. They provide power equalization in multichannel DWDM and CDWM systems and protect optical links from damage due to fiber fusing.
Delaire USA,
Manasquan, NJ

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