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Nov. 1, 2003
Optic homogenizer; Brushless DC motor; Machine-control system; MORE...

Optic homogenizer

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A monolithic V-step optic homogenizer divides the original beam into several partial beams, rotates these by 90º around the axis of direction of propagation and then rearranges the partial beams to form one single, new, optically homogenous beam. The compact, single-module homogenizer has a coupling efficiency of better than 90%.
Ingeneric, Aachen, Germany

Brushless DC motor

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A new 3.25-in.-O.D. × 2.8-in.-long, corrosion-resistant, brushless DC motor has been specifically designed for use in harsh environments. The device provides 90% power efficiency and is enclosed in a sealed, stainless-steel housing. At its design voltage of 24 VDC, the motor supplies 125 oz-in. peak torque at stall and a no-load speed of 6000 rpm.
Servo Magnetics, Canoga Park, CA

Machine-control system

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DeviceNet is an industry-standard, machine-control interface, designed as an option for the MicroLYNX controller. The DeviceNet version of the MicroLYNX is designed to conform to ODVA, Vol. II, Release 2.0 Errata 3, as a position controller (Device type 16). Applications include packaging, medical, semiconductor, labeling, inspection, engraving, and material handling.
Intelligent Motion Systems, Marlborough, CT

High-NA optical fiber

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Optran Plus Advantage is a new line of silica/silica optical fiber with an NA of 0.30. Designed for applications from laser delivery to sensing, the fibers perform from 160 to 2500 nm. Core sizes for stock fibers are from 100 to 600 µm, with custom sizes as well as custom-designed bundles and ferrules available.
CeramOptec Industries, East Longmeadow, MA

DPSS laser

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The Evolution-90 diode-pumped, intracavity-doubled, Q-switched Nd:YLF laser delivers more than 90-W average power and more than 18-mJ pulse energy at 5 kHz at 527 nm. It is designed for materials processing and for pumping high-power Ti:sapphire amplifiers. It comes with a control computer and software interface and is in a thermally stabilized enclosure.
Positive Light, Los Gatos, CA


The OmniLED measurement system from Labsphere is a turnkey spectroradiometer that has been developed for both laboratory and on-line production/QC measurement of LED outputs, including luminous and radiant intensity, power, and color. The system consists of a high-speed CCD spectrometer with an integrated SourceMeter and interchangeable optical probes that provide measurements of LED outputs in the 350 to 1100-nm range.
Pro-Lite Technology, Milton Keyes, England

Forsterite laser

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A tunable femtosecond Cr:Forsterite laser system with an yterrbium fiber-laser pump is designed for research and industrial applications. Model SciCRF-65P has pulse width of less than 65 fs FWHM, tuning range of 1230 to 1270 nm, output power of 180 to 250 mW, repetition rate of 120 or 76 MHz, and typical output stability of less than 2% rms.
Del Mar Ventures, San Diego, CA


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A line of hollow penta prisms have no glass substrate to cause absorption, with only the coating limiting the wavelengths, and shorter optical path lengths than glass prisms. They are available with either enhanced aluminum coating for the visible or protected gold coating for the IR. Beam deviations of 30, 10, or 5 arcs are available in 12.7- and 25.4-mm clear apertures.
Edmund Optics, Barrington, NJ

Solid dye laser

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A solid dye laser, Model 90 OEM, consists of either a solid or liquid dye lasing material, a high reflector, and an output coupler. The dye has a lifetime of up to 100,000 pulses or greater and are designed for easy replacement. Solid dye discs measure 25.4 × 3 × 7 mm. Typical efficiency is 25% to 35%.
Elk Industries, Melbourne, FL

Uncooled IR diode

The EP1490 uncooled laser diode emits at 1490 nm for fiber-to-the-home or fiber-to-the-premises applications. It operates at up to 85°C and is based on GaInAlAs. It is available in a TO can, chip on substrate, and in die format.
Eblana Photonics, Dublin, Ireland

Photo ICs

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The S9066/S9067 photo ICs have spectral response close to that of human visual sensitivity. They cover the 300- to 820-nm range with a peak sensitivity of 1.0 nA at 600 nm, without a visual-compensation filter. They have two active areas, one for visible to NIR, one for NIR only, on a single chip.
Hamamatsu, Bridgewater, NJ

DC-DC converter

A DC-to-DC converter, the SIP100, has an input range of 4 to 6.7 V and provides 30 to 100 V at 10 mA with ripple of less than 10 mV p-p. The device is regulated and analog programmable. It has a footprint of 36.8 × 4.06 mm in a 4-mm, single in-line package.
EMCO High Voltage, Sutter Creek, CA

Chip metrology system

The CLM-3D dual-beam metrology system is designed for rapid process development and process control of new semiconductor technologies below 130 nm, particularly those using copper and advanced etch processes. The in-fab system provides detailed information on nanoscale structures and multiple layers below the surface.
FEI, Hillsboro, OR

Fiber laser

A 100-W, Q-swtiched, ytterbium fiber laser produces 2 mJ/pulse at 1070 nm, with a pulse duration of 500 ns. Its frequency is adjustable from 20 to 50 kHz and it operates from a 110/220 V line. A 3- to 6-m fiber cable delivers the collimated beam to the work piece. The laser is available in either 100 or 200 W in both end-user and OEM configurations.
IPG Photonics, Oxford, MA

Motion control

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The Mini Series is designed for motion control of miniature applications such as laser and optical focusing systems. The lead screw assemblies come in diameters as small as 0.125 in. with custom diameters less than 2 mm and custom-designed nuts are also available. The screws are made of 303 stainless steel and are available with a TFE coating.
Kerk Motion Products, Hollis, NH

Pyroelectric array detector

A pyroelectric array detector from IR Microsystems has sensitivity across the 1- to 25-µm range and can make a variety of continuous measurements across wide infrared bands. It has 64 pixels and a linear variable filter than makes each pixel measure a different wavelength. The device operates uncooled and has a fully digital signal readout.
Laser Components, Santa Rosa, CA

Alexandrite laser

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An alexandrite-based laser, the nUVo is a frequency-doubled, CW, UV laser source with 10- to 20-mW output. The diode-pumped, solid-state laser has a near-TEM00 spatial-mode output, a pointing stability of better than 25 µrad, and power stability of better than 1%. It is designed for CD mastering, blood-flow cytometry, confocal microscopy, spectroscopy, and applications in forensics and metrology.
Light Age, Somerset, NJ


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The Normal-Off liquid-crystal-based variable optical attenuator offers channel blocking and automatic system turn-on protection by offering high attenuation when driving voltage is missing. It has a driving voltage less than 1 mW and comes in a 7.2 × 23.5 mm package. A special structure guarantees phase match-up across the temperature range.
Lightwaves2020, Milpitas, CA

Step motor

The Super Torque step motor is a 1.8° NEMA-size 17 stepper motor. It is capable of holding torque from 30 to 83 oz-in. depending on length. It comes in lengths of 1.34, 1.57, and 1.89 in. Unipolar and bipolar windings are available to allow for appropriate torque and speed.
Lin Engineering, Santa Clara, CA

Power supply

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A front-end power supply, the HP750 Series measures 1.6 × 5 × 10 in. and produces 9.83 W/in3 power density. An optional I2C interface with interrupt capability is available. The device with ..standard rear-mount AC connection is designed to operate as either a stand-alone unit or part of a distributed-power system. It provides single isolated output up to 750 W at 12 to 48 V with 90% efficiency.
Magnetek Power Electronics Group, Chatswork, CA

Industrial endoscope

The Light Scope mini is an industrial endoscope for remote viewing of inaccessible structures. It measures 8 mm in diameter and is battery operated. It is designed for restricted-space applications in security, such as for locksmiths, and automotive engineering for viewing engine valves and nozzles.
Moritex Europe

Beam shaper

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The refractive beam shaper converts Gaussian laser input to produce a collimated, flattop beam that can propagate over large distances without change in power or intensity or loss of uniformity. It relies on low-dispersion refractive optics and produces no hard edges, speckles, or diffraction effects and has conversion efficiency of nearly 100%.
Newport, Irvine, CA


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Oxide-confined VCSELs providing 850-nm pulses at 2.5 Gbit/s, the OPV300 series, are designed for high-speed data communications. They come in a variety of packages including TO-18 and TO-46 packages with either flat windows or ball lenses. Applications include Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, SONET, and other high-speed protocols.
Optek Technologies, Carrollton, TX

Optical-handling wand

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A wand option is available for the company's vacuum-based optical-handling tools. The wand uses a push-button valve to control the release of the part being handled. Vacuum is maintained to pick up and hold the part until a button is pushed to release it.
Opto-Alignment Technology, Rochester, NY

Light detector

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The Model A light transducer provides a DC output linearly proportional to the light striking the detector. Spectral response ranges from near-UV to IR, peaking at 850 nm. Responsivity at 850 nm is 0.9 V/mW at 1×, 9 V/mW at .. 10×, 0.09 V/µW at 100×, and 0.9 V/µW at 1000×.
Photamp, Eastpoint, FL

Linux image analysis

The Euresys eVision image-analysis tools and Picolo series of frame grabbers are now supported for Linux operating systems, as well as Windows 98SE, NT, 2000, and XP.
Mulitpix Imaging, Petersfield Hampshire, England

Laser-diode module

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A UV, instrument-quality laser-diode module yields up to 10-mW output at 375 ± 5 nm. It includes a PID temperature controller and precision current source, and is designed for applications that require stable wavelength and output power. It has an adjustable focus, glass optics, and optional beam-expanding optics, and is available with a circularized beam or standard elliptical output, either CW or modulated.
Power Technology, Little Rock, AR

Microscope objectives

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Reflective microscope objectives can be coated and assembled specifically to order. Final assembly is done interferometrically to ensure performance. Correction for cover glass can be included. A variety of mirror coatings provide objectives from applications ranging from 193 nm to the far-infrared.
Rolyn Optics, Covina, CA

Fiber cleaner

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The CleanBlast system cleans contaminated fiber end faces in less than 1 s. It removes all loose debris from connectors installed inside bulkheads, including 2.5 mm, 1.25 mm, ribbon fiber, and Mil Aero. It can also clean patch cords and transceivers. It is available in both portable and bench-top configurations.
Westover Scientific, Mill Creek, WA

Raman edge filters

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Three ultrasharp long-wave-pass filters are optimized for Raman spectroscopy for use with 325-nm (HeCd), 473-nm (Argon-ion or doubled Nd:Yag), and 1064-nm (Nd:YAG) lasers. These highly stable and reliable thin-film filters block the laser line with an optical density of at least 6, and yet highly transmit wavelengths that are only 1% longer than the laser line.
Semrock, Rochester, NY

Technical computing software

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The latest version of technical computing software, Mathematica 5, is up to1000 times faster than the previous version. It includes new optimized numerical solvers for ordinary and partial differential equations; new algorithms for solving equations and inequalities symbolically over complex numbers, reals, and integers; and a ..fully integrated solver for differential algebraic equations.
Wolfram Research, Champaign, IL

Hot mirrors

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HTM-series hot mirrors are designed to block the wavelength region from 750 to 1000 nm (0.30% or lower average transmission), while passing visible wavelengths with 80% or greater average transmission. They can be optimized for zero or 45º operation and are available in standard 1.0- and 2.0-in. diameters, as well as 2 × 2-in. square sizes.
Acton Research, Acton, MA

Laser-diode arrays

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New higher-density laser-diode arrays are designed to provide higher gain, resulting in smaller final laser systems. High-density bars with 60-W CW at 1.6-mm pitch between each bar and pump arrays of up to 1200 W are available at 808, 915, 940, and 975 nm. Current diode-pump lasers can be upgraded to the new pump design, which provides more power/cm2 than previous designs.
AMS Technologies, Munich, Germany

Miniature integrated power monitors

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A new series of miniature integrated power monitors are designed for channel monitoring in DWDM systems and add/drop modules. The power monitors can also be used for signal/pump power monitoring in EDFAs and Raman amplifiers. The products offer insertion loss less than 0.3 dB, including PDL effects.
Alliance Fiber Optic Products, Sunnyvale, CA

Vision module

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The new QFNVision module is specifically designed for inspecting leadless IC packages including QFN, LGA, and MLP. The modular system includes three different inspection stations: Mark View for marking and surface defects; Pad View for inspection of lead pads and terminal pads; and Side View for inspecting the four sides of the device for parameters including lead-pad measurement, package warpage, and coplanarity.
Benchmark Systems, Singapore

Abatement system

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The GaNcat abatement system is an abatement solution for gallium nitride–based MOCVD exhausts. The multiple-cartridge, high-flow-capacity system decomposes metal organics and ammonia. Features include a modular design to accommodate future flow requirements, an integral monitoring system that automatically warns when cartridge replacement is required and a spare cartridge.
BOC Edwards, West Sussex, England

Laser-diode module

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The NX8430 series modules are 10G AlGaInAs uncooled DFB laser modules that are fabricated using Al oxidation-free, all-selective MOVPE without semiconductor etching. These 1310-nm, directly modulated modules are available in two new 17-pin mini-butterfly packages: the NX8340MD pigtail version for 300 pin transponders and the NX8340ME SC receptacle version for XENPAK, X2 and XPAK transceivers.
California Eastern Laboratories, Santa Clara, CA

Digital CCD camera

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The PixelFly compact, digital CCD camera line has added the PixelFly QE with a pixel resolution of 1390 × 1024. The 12-bit camera has digital temperature compensation, which enables it to maintain uniform noise performance regardless of ambient temperature fluctuations. Measuring 2.5 × 1.5 in., the camera is suited for applications requiring high sensitivity with small package size. All camera functions are remotely controlled with imaging software. Exposure times range from 1/100,000 to 10 s.
Cooke, Auburn Hills, MI

Night-vision camera

The new handheld RUBY night-vision camera uses a focal-plane array of 320 × 240 pixels to provide thermal sensitivity of better than 80 mK. This allows the user to detect an intruder at a typical range of 1 Km. The camera utilizes uncooled microbolometer focal array technology and operates in the 8- to 12-µm band. Other features include an IR image display and binocular viewing.
CEDIP Infrared Systems, Croissy-Beaubourg, France

Superluminescent LEDs

The DL-CS5203A is a superluminescent LED (SLED) that produces power of 20 mW at 1550 nm. The DL-CS5107A generates optical power greater than10 mW with a wide bandwidth of 60 nm. The SLEDs are used for commercial instrumentation, medical applications and photonics sensing systems.
DenseLight Semiconductors, Singapore

Fiberoptic splicer

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The S183 fiberoptic splicer is designed for rapid (40 seconds for Panda) splicing for polarization maintaining (PM) fibers. The splicer prevents twisting or breaking of PM fibers during theta alignment. A special jig facilitates transfer of the spiced fiber to the protection sleeve heater.
Furukawa Electric, Tokyo, Japan

Pulse-light receiver

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The iC-LQ pulse-light receiver senses changes in the photocurrent that are amplified at a first stage, which simultaneously, electronically suppresses photocurrents caused by ambient light over 60 dB (at 100 Hz). It is available as a 4-pole TO18 metal package with a glass lens or flat window and as an optoBGA. Packaged as an SMD, each side of the optoBGA measures 3.4 mm in length.
iC-Haus, Bodenheim, Germany

IR camera

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The Omega ThermoCorder Video Cam integrates the Omega microbolometer IR camera with a Sony camcorder via the Intellegent Accessory Shoe. This interface allows Omega's video signal to be input into the camcorder for viewing on the LCD display or viewfinder. The IR imagery can also be recorded directly onto camcorder tape.
Indigo Systems, Goleta, CA

Camera-link products

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The CLS-201 camera-link simulator is a video test pattern generator whose fully programmable video timing can mimic camera characteristics. The CLT-301 R/L/M camera-link translators enable the use of RS-422 and LVDS digital cameras with camera-link frame grabbers. The CLT-351 R/L camera-link translators enable the use of camera-link cameras with RS-422 and LVDS frame grabbers. The CLR-101 camera-link repeater allows for increased distance between camera and frame grabber.
Vivid Engineering, Shrewsbury, MA

Narrow-linewidth lasers

New narrow-linewidth lasers are designed as a cost-effective replacement for distributed-feedback (DFB) or fiber lasers for industries such as oil and gas services, spectroscopy, metrology, biomedicine and security. The lasers offer linewidths from 300 kHz down to tens of kHz in a wavelength range from 1527 to 1570 nm.
K2 Optronics, Sunnyvale, CA


The new waveplate series products includes zero-order, multi-order, cemented, optical contact, dual-wavelength, broadband (achromatic), and wedge waveplates. Custom waveplates of any size, shape, retardation, and high-tolerance center wavelength (from 200 to 2500 nm) are available.
Koncent Communications, Fuzhou Fujian, China


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The new PS2000B polarimeter series includes polarization analyzers designed for infrared wavelengths. The devices are small stand-alone heads with a serial computer interface. The system features a dynamic range greater than 50 dB, high accuracy (1% typical error), small wavelength dependence, normalized strokes vector, dynamic/configurable poincare sphere and vector tracer, and no moving parts. Optional modules perform PDL and PMD measurements.
Optellios, Ewing, NJ

Fiber-coupled laser diode

The new LDF 1000-4000 provides 4000 W in a 1-mm fiber. This allows a smaller spot to be used for greater processing speeds in keyhole welding and brazing with a laser diode. The modular system can be upgraded and adapted to the specific task with the appropriate optics and sensor systems.
Laserline, Norwalk, CT

Optical switches

An extended range of optical switches is available in configurations ranging from 4 × 4 up to 16 × 16 ports. Custom solutions are also available in combinations of N × M and 1 × N switches in a common package providing complete optical circuits. All switches come as rack-mounted variations for plug-and-play applications or as modules for OEM integration.
Polatis, Cambridge, England

Fiberoptic interferometers

The SpecMap family of fiberoptic interferometers combines noncontacting optics with high-speed data acquisition and analysis. All critical surface geometries are measured for single-fiber connectors and multifiber arrays containing up to 72 fibers. The interferometer, which can be controlled via laptop computer, offers vibration insensitivity and autofocus operation.
Krell Technologies, Morganville, NJ

30-mm motors

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The new RE30 series of motors uses ..rare-earth magnets to maximize torque available in a 30-mm-diameter package. The patented rhombic moving coil design provides for long life, low electric noise, fast acceleration, and maximum efficiency of 86%, depending on winding. The ironless rotor allows for zero cogging and simple, accurate control. Rated at 60 W, the motor is 68 mm in length with a maximum continuous torque up to 96.6 mNm.
Maxon Precision Motors, Burlingame, CA

Cold plates

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The Ascent series of all-copper cold plates are designed for contact cooling of high-watt-density electronic components such as IGBTs, MOSFETs, resistors, and diodes. The all-copper composition is fully compatible with water and other common coolants, eliminating the need for an inhibitor. The gull-wing-shaped plate has a normalized thermal resistance at 1 gpm (3.8 lpm) of 0.58ºC in2/W.
Lytron, Woburn, MA

Reflective glaze

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A new reflective glaze is designed to improve the performance of Nd:YAG lasers by increasing absorption of UV energy within the laser cavity. Lasers ..coated with the glaze achieve power outputs 5% higher than lasers coated with conventional white glaze. By ensuring the strength of UV wavelengths and consistency of thermal outputs, the new glaze provides strict control of tissue ablation and the minimization of collateral tissue damage.
Morgan Advanced Ceramics, Peachtree City, GA

TOSA module

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The PGT20410 transmitter optical subassembly (TOSA) module is a cooled DFB laser with an integrated electro-absorption modulator. The device is intended for XFP, X2, XENPAK, and XPAK transceivers in OC-192/STM-64 DWDM applications. The module enables data rates up to 12.5 Gbit/s, allowing its use in systems with FEC (forward error correction) or in 10 Gigabit Ethernet applications.
Northlight Optronics, Järfälla, Sweden

Piezoelectric scanning systems

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The P-363 PicoCube XY and XYZ piezo stages are closed-loop piezoelectric scanning systems. Designed for AFM (Atomic Force Microscopy), SPM (Scanning Probe Microscopy), and nanomanipulation applications, they combine a low-inertia (10-kHz resonant frequency), high-speed piezo scanner with noncontact, direct-measuring, parallel metrology capacitive feedback capable of 50-pm resolution.
Polytec PI, Auburn, MA

Photonic band structure tool

BandSOLVE 1.2 is a commercially available design tool to automate and simplify the calculation of photonic band structures for all photonic-crystal (PC) devices. The tool handles a wide range of PC components, including 2-D and 3-D PC slabs and waveguides, 2-D and 3-D cavity problems, and photonic-crystal fibers.
Rsoft Design Group, Ossining, NY

Ellipsometry system

The Ultra-II is a fifth-generation focused-beam ellipsometry system. The system provides process-control measurements in semiconductor manufacturing at the 90- and 65-nm technology nodes. For 193-nm lithography, the enhanced DUV reflectometer with photomultipier detector (PMT-DUVR) enables reproducible results down to 190 nm. A new optional wafer-bow/film stress module enables fully automated, single-pass measurements of film thickness and stress.
Rudolph Technolzogies, Flanders, NJ

Mechanical shutter

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A miniature mechanical shutter assembly for digital and still camera applications utilizes megapixel CMOS and CCD sensors. The shutter is designed for integration with the Sunex megapixel imaging lens series. The off-the-shelf shutters are compact and lightweight, and can be customized.
Sunex, Carlsbad, CA

Photopic lamp measurement system

The PLM Photopic Lamp Measurement Systems are designed for measuring the total luminous flux of a variety of lamps, including incandescent, fluorescent, ARC and LEDs. The computer-controlled systems are available in sphere sizes ranging from 12 to 60 in. in diameter. The interiors of the spheres are coated with Optowhite, a high-reflectance, diffuse white coating.
SphereOptics Hoffman, Contoocook, NH

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