Nov. 1, 2007
The MVS-8600 family of frame grabbers connects Camera Link cameras through the PCI Express (PCIe) interface.

Frame grabbers

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The MVS-8600 family of frame grabbers connects Camera Link cameras through the PCI Express (PCIe) interface. Suited for high-bandwidth applications, they are available in single- and dual-channel models and include VisionPro machine-vision software tools that locate objects or patterns, measure their geometric properties, detect defects, and read characters and codes. Cognex, Natick, MA

XRF imaging microscope

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The XGT-7000 energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) microscope provides 10 µm spatial resolution that allows element characterization of discrete microscopic particles and detailed element imaging. Dual vacuum modes provide high sensitivity to light elements, as well as atmospheric analysis. SmartMap software provides data control and post-acquisition image analysis.
Horiba Jobin Yvon, Edison, NJ
[email protected]

Solid-state lasers

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FLARE solid-state, diode-pumped, passively Q-switched lasers feature a hermetically sealed laser head with a 16 × 7 cm footprint. The Nd:YAG laser crystal emits at 1064 nm with a pulse energy of up to 1 mJ. Conversion to 532 and 355 nm is done using nonlinear optics. A TTL input enables pulse triggering for repetition rates of up to 200 Hz.
Lumanova, Hannover, Germany
[email protected]

Cyclo olefin polymer for blue lasers

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Zeonex 340R cyclo-olefin polymer is specifically designed to withstand prolonged, high-heat exposure to blue lasers, which operate at 400 nm. These lasers degrade plastics after long-term exposure, particularly electronic devices. After prolonged exposure at high heat, this material retains transmission and transparency, while maintaining a stable Abbe number and refractive index.
Zeon Chemicals, Louisville, KY

Miniature high-voltage supplies

The DA and DE Series of high-voltage power-supply units deliver up to 6 W of power from 1 to 6 kV, with input voltages between 15 and 24 V. The APD Series provides up to 100 mW of power from 200 to 500 V, with an input voltage of 5 V.
Systems Development & Solutions, Paris, France
[email protected]

IR zoom lens

An IR zoom lens is designed for the 8 to 12 µm range and includes manual or motorized options. It has a 3× zoom ratio with an EFL from 33 to 100 mm and f/1. The system is equipped with a hard, diamond-like coating on the outer lens for applications in harsh environments. Applications include use with military and industrial cameras.
Wavelength Technology, Singapore
[email protected]

Metrology tool

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The ECO 3500 FT-IR metrology system is designed for seamless integration into automated wafer-handling facilities. The 300 mm metrology tool features a spectrometer, enhanced analytical software, and compliance with the highest industry standards for cleanliness in microenvironments. It uses an air-cooled IR source rather than conventional cooling water.
Thermo Scientific, Madison, WI
[email protected]

Micromachine lens

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The SOD-10X micromachine lens provides up to 20× magnification for vision applications, such as semiconductor or LCD alignment and inspection, without affecting resolution or numerical aperture. It has 1.5 mm spatial resolution, a numerical aperture of 0.23 and a long working distance. It is highly telecentric and is C-mountable.
Moritex Europe, Cambridge, England
[email protected]

Optical-transceiver test module

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Four new PXIT modules for optical-transceiver manufacturing, which include a bit-error-ratio tester and a digital communication analyzer, now provide double the bit-rate coverage of previous models. Models include the N2100B PXIT 8.5 Gbit/s digital communication analyzer, the N2101B PXIT 10.7 Gbit/s bit-error-ratio tester, the N2102B PXIT 11.1 Gbit/s pattern generator and the N2099A PXIT synthesizer.
Agilent Technologies, Santa Clara, CA

UV filters

A long-wave-pass Raman-spectroscopy filter has been introduced for use with 224.3 nm HeAg hollow-cathode metal-ion lasers. The patented RazorEdge family of ultrasteep long-wave-pass Raman-spectroscopy filters now extends from 224 to 1064 nm. The complementary family of patented, high-transmission MaxLine laser-line filters now spans from 248.6 to 1064 nm.
Semrock, Rochester, NY
[email protected]

Submarine pump laser

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The OceanBright submarine pump module, used in erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFAs), has been fully qualified for active deployment in undersea cable systems worldwide. To receive qualification, the 980 nm pump module demonstrated its ability to meet submarine reliability requirements of less than 50FITs. The module uses the generation-eight laser chip, exceeding 400 mW at temperatures from 0ºC to 45ºC.
Bookham, San Jose, CA
[email protected]

Visual fault locator

A handheld visual fault locator (VFL) identifies breaks and bending in optical fibers and cabling. Its red 650 nm laser will glow red at the location of any faults; damaged, broken, or tightly bent fibers that cause undesirable attenuation in systems. The unit operates for more than 30 hours of continuous use on a single AA battery.
Tyco Electronics, Harrisburg, PA

Digital microscope

The iVista high-resolution digital microscope delivers images comparable to a 16-megapixel, color CCD, allowing features to be identified at up to 40× digital zoom. The microscope allows the user to save a full resolution image and the multiview screen for documentation. It can be used with the company’s SPECTRUM Vision System and the patented ContactView system.
SUSS MicroTec, Munich, Germany
[email protected]

Digital high-speed camera

The Phantom V7.3 digital high-speed camera has a new “turbo mode,” allowing users to capture 500,000 pictures per second at a resolution of 32 × 16 with a fixed 1 µs exposure time. In standard mode, users can capture images between 6700 frames/s and 190,000 frames/s, depending on resolution. New software that allows users to switch between modes is included with the camera.
Vision Research, Wayne, NJ

Seed laser

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A seed laser is designed to produce single-frequency beams of up to 1.5 W CW at 1064 nm and up to 1 W CW at 1550 nm for seeding fiber and solid-state lasers and for use in direct applications. It uses a Quintessence Photonics design with a two-part chip, combining a low-power section and an amplifying section.
AMS Technologies, Martinsried, Germany
[email protected]

Brochure on nanometrology sensors

A brochure on capacitive nanometrology displacement sensors and electronics includes product information as well as a tutorial on single-plate and dual-plate capacitive sensors. An applications overview covers measuring displacement, nanopositioning, parallel metrology, measuring straightness and flatness, tip/tilt measurement and compensation, and several other related topics.
PI (Physik Instrumente), Auburn, MA
[email protected]

Software for laser-scanning microscopes

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Optimized for efficient navigation, ZEN 2007, new software for laser-scanning microscopes includes a flexible user interface that can be individually tailored to each experiment and user. All laser-scanning microscopes in the LSM 5 family, from release 2.8 forward, can be upgraded with ZEN 2007.
Carl Zeiss MicroImaging, Thornwood, NY

Elliptical-plate beamsplitter

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TECHSPEC elliptical-plate beamsplitters are offered in a 1.0 mm thickness, suited for small spaces, and a 3.0 mm thickness, which provides a surface accuracy of 1/4 λ. When oriented at 45º in the optical path, it creates a circular aperture equal to the diameter of the minor axis. The beamsplitters are available in VIS or NIR 50/50 coatings and feature a multilayer antireflection coating to reduce back-reflections.
Edmund Optics, Barrington, NJ
[email protected]


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The SPNovaLED NPF-TSD produces warm white light at 42 lm at 350 mA. The unit is encapsulated in silicone for greater durability and a higher junction temperature than epoxy resin-based housings. The package measures 6.0 × 6.0 × 1.5 mm with a 120º viewing angle and a color temperature from 2800 to 3600 K.
Dominant Semiconductors, Malysia

Solid-state UV laser

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The new AVIA 355-23 solid-state, UV laser delivers more than 23 W Q-switched output at 355 nm. The laser has repetition rates of up to 300 kHz for compatibility with high-speed systems and has a frequency-tripling component with a projected lifetime of 22,000 hours. Applications include high-throughput micromachining and via-hole drilling in printed-circuit boards and flip chips.
Coherent, Santa Clara, CA

Thermal camera

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The Jade LR is a third-generation thermal camera that provides long-range images from fixed-position surveillance applications, including passive observation and daytime and nighttime target detection and recognition, even under adverse weather conditions. Based on a trifocal design, the camera uses motorized lenses (25, 80, and 320 mm focal lengths) and operates at distances from 5 to 25 km.
Cedip Infrared Systems, Croissy-Beauborg, France
[email protected]

LED driver boards

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Two new Smart Force LED driver boards provide full-function LED drivers with wide-range dimming, wide input voltage, and full brightness, and enable control. LED rails use a new proprietary thermal-management design. The SFDL and SFDC Series driver boards can be used in OEM panels’ existing LED backlights or with Smart Force LED rails.
Endicott Research Group, Endicott, NY
[email protected]

Fiber-optic microscope

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A handheld video microscope includes a 200× probe that is designed for inspecting adapter panels. The microscope features a bright, 3.5 in. display, variable coaxial illumination, and contrast and brightness control. Lithium-ion batteries and an AC charger are included. SC, FC, ST and universal 2.5 mm tips are available.
Fiber Instrument Sales, Oriskany, NY
[email protected]

Photomultiplier tubes

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The R9800, R9420 and R9779 high-speed photomultiplier tubes each feature a uniformly short transit time spread across the photocathode’s entire effective area. The photocathode has a spectral response range from 300 to 650 nm, with peak sensitivity in the 420 nm range, suitable for scintillation counting.
Hamamatsu, Bridgewater, NJ
[email protected]

Laser-micromachining system

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The HLT1000 high-precision laser-micromachining system can machine features to less than 15 µm. It is designed for precision machining in most materials including metals, polymers, ceramics, and semiconductors. A CNC controller drives the linear stages and the scanner head. The system is available with excimer, DPSS, and CO2 lasers, or a dual combination of lasers as the light source.
Haas Laser Technologies, Flanders, NJ
[email protected]


The POD-101D in-line polarimeter does not require taps or couplers for in-line operation. The input signal is analyzed in real time while system operation continues. The unit uses DSP technology and includes PolaView software for oscilloscope-type views or Poincaré-sphere views, as well as data capture.
General Photonics, Chino, CA
[email protected]

Optical-fiber data sheets

Data sheets for the company’s line of hard-clad silica (standard OH and low OH), hard-coated silica/silica (standard OH and low OH) and plastic-clad (standard OH and low OH) optical fibers are now available. These products include the Anhydroguide APCH and the Anyhdroguide AFSH with hard-polymer coatings and NAs of 0.39 and 0.22, respectively, and the Anhydroguide APC with an NA of 0.37 and a plastic coating.
Fiberguide Industries, Stirling, NJ
[email protected]

2-D focal-plane arrays

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New 2-D focal-plane arrays, available in three colors, are offered in InGaAs and InSb. They include the 1.7 µm standard cutoff, operating at room temperature, and the 2.6 µm cutoff, operating with three-stage TEC temperature. The InSb FPA operates in the 2 to 5 µm spectrum at 77 K.
Judson Technologies, Montgomeryville, PA
[email protected]

Fiber-coupled lasers

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SPECTDILAS-D DFB lasers are now available in a fiber-coupled, BTF version for single-mode spectroscopic applications. The lasers are offered at specific wavelengths from 1270 to 1854 nm. They are available with 9 µm SMF, an integrated TEC, and FC/APC connectors. They conform to Telcordia Standard and are RoHS compliant.
Laser Components, Hudson, NH
[email protected]

Laser scanner

The compact HDS6000 3-D high-definition laser scanner offers several major technological advances, such as tilt sensing, higher point accuracies, and 50 percent greater range, designed to increase the versatility, portability, and productivity of ultra-high-speed, phase-based laser scanning for many survey applications.
Leica Geosystems, Norcross, GA

Spectral test station

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The Spectral Test Station (STS) provides a 100-mm-diameter collimated, wavelength-variable monochromatic light beam to illuminate, spectrally calibrate, and document radiometric sensitivity and response characteristics of spectral and hyperspectral sensors. These discrete bands of light can be selected from the spectral regions from less than 200 nm UV to more than14 µm LWIR wavelength range.
McPherson, Chelmsford, MA
[email protected]

Microdisplay chipset

The PhlatLight PT54 chipset, specifically engineered for small microdisplays, includes separately packaged red, green, and blue LEDs, each measuring 5.4 mm2. The combined chipset produces up to 1400 peak white lumens in pulsed-mode operation. The chipset is suited for DLP (0.55 in. SVGA), LCoS, and HTPS liquid-crystal microdisplays with a 4:3 aspect ratio.
Luminus Devices, Billerica, MA
[email protected]

Piezo positioning stage

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The nanoSX800 has joined the nanoSX series of high-resolution piezo stages. The piezo actuator has a motion range of 800 µm and uses a bidirectional dual-actuator system for forward and backward active actuation. A 12.5 mm free inner aperture allows components to be fed through the stage. Vacuum and cryogenic versions are available.
Piezosystem Jena, Jena, Germany
[email protected]

Spray-characterization systems

The VisSizer range of optical spray-characterization systems can measure down to 1 µm with real-time analysis. Sizing, velocity measurement, and images are contained in a single system to see exactly where paint is being sprayed. Features include dual laser flashes, no motion blur, and proprietary software to measure paint particle movement and velocity.
Oxford Lasers, Shirley, MA

Laser-beam homogenizer

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Low-NA field-mapped beam homogenizers are based on a patent-pending approach for “field mapping” segments extracted from standard spherical, cylindrical, prism, and axicon elements. This approach requires two optical surfaces, rather than ten optical surfaces in typical excimer laser-beam homogenizers. Homogenized fields include square, rectangle, rectangular ring, and circular.
Neoteric Concepts, Weston, FL
[email protected]

Thin-film flip-chip technology

Thin-film flip-chip (TFFC) technology enables white Luxeon LEDs to deliver more than 80 lm/W at 350 mA. The TFFC process involves removal of the sapphire substrate and roughening the chip’s light-emitting surface to improve light output efficiency. Applications include general lighting, automotive lighting, display, and projection.
Lumileds, San Jose, CA
[email protected]

Miniature slides

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Miniature slides provide smooth motion and precision guidance for linear-motion applications requiring short strokes. They come in four sizes (7, 9, 12, and 15) with widths from 17 to 32 mm and lengths from 26 to 165 mm. The ready-to-mount slides have accuracies up to 2 µm over a stroke of 100 mm, depending on application.
SKF USA, Bethlehem, PA
[email protected]

Optical fiber

BEND-LITE single-mode optical fiber is specifically designed for market requirements of FTTx (fiber-to-the-home/premise) networks and applications. It is suited for triple-play (voice, video, and data) service networks and access network installations that require very small bending radii. The fiber’s enhanced bend radius capabilities enable tighter routing and higher fiber density for component design and deployment.
Sterlite Technologies, Maharashtra, India

Vibration-cancellation system

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The FloorPlatform PZT active inertial vibration-cancellation system features sub-Hz vibration cancellation in an active hard-mount floor platform to fit most commercial scanning-electron microscopes (SEMs). Utilizing extended-stroke piezoelectric actuators and a DC 2000 digital controller, the unit can support 900 to 1600 lb and has no soft air suspension. It is available with three or six degrees of freedom.
Technical Manufacturing, Peabody, MA

Machine-vision camera

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The CSB4000CL-10A progressive-scan camera utilizes a 4-megapixel CMOS monochrome sensor (2008H × 2044V) with a 12.048 × 12.28 mm image area and 6.0 × 6.0 µm pixels for standard frame rates of 7.4 frames per second. Other features include Camera Link output, WOI (window of interest), random trigger shutter, and global (synchronous) electric shutter control.
Toshiba Teli, Irvine, CA


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The SD1024F Spectrograph is RoHS compliant according to Directive 2002/95/EC. The instrument’s 200 to 800 mm optical system uses a 1024-element, scientific-grade, thermoelectrically cooled CCD. Designed for semiconductor-process applications, the spectrograph is supplied with SpectraView application software, which includes a patented Neural PCA algorithm.
Verity Instruments, Carrollton, TX

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