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June 1, 2009
More than 50 mW of output power and over 25 meters coherence length (< 5 MHz linewidth) at 405 nm — a commercial world record!

BlueMode Laser – 50 mW at 405 nm with coherence length > 25 m!

More than 50 mW of output power and over 25 meters coherence length (< 5 MHz linewidth) at 405 nm — a commercial world record! TOPTICA’s new BlueMode laser combines, for the first time, the well-known advantages of direct blue-violet diode lasers — high power, high reliability, a compact and rugged design — with an extremely high coherence, superior single-mode frequency behavior and excellent power stability. TOPTICA’s latest innovation is attracting scientific and industrial customers in the fields of interferometry, high resolution Raman spectroscopy, quantum cryptography, holography and metrology.

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CompactPowerMonitor up to 20 kW

Laser power is a main figure characterizing the laser beam and impacts the performance of material processing directly.

With the CompactPowerMonitor (CPM) PRIMES transferred the precise and well established calorimetric principle to the power range from 50 W up to 20 kW.

The CPM is designed with plane absorber for the NIR and with the conical reflector and cylindrical absorber for highest power density up to 5 kW/cm2 and the FIR – range.

The CPM product group with plane absorber consists of: CPM-F-1 up to 1.4 kW, CPM-F-10 up to 10 kW and CPM-F-20 up to 20 kW.

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CLPT InGaAs FPA enables you to reach NIR Vision Frontiers!


  • Spectral range in 900~1700 nm, 1, 2 and 3mm diameter
  • High operability, High responsitivity, High shunt resistance
  • 640×512 with 25um pitch, 320×256 with 30um pitch
  • High quantum efficiency
  • Low dark current, wide dynamic range
  • Uncooled/TEC devices
  • CLCC/Kovar metal case, TO and CLCC package
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Eliminate Toxic Acrylic Mode Burns

Ophir-Spiricon, the world’s leading provider of laser measuring equipment, introduces ModeCheck™, the affordable CO2 laser beam profiler. ModeCheck helps industrial parts manufacturers be more competitive. Compare day-to-day performance of your laser, observe changes, and make necessary adjustments to keep the output, mode structure, and beam profile constant. Over time, you will be able to predict and schedule maintenance down-time.

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Green Benchtop Optical Meter

The new 1928-C benchtop optical meter delivers incomparable performance at a competitive price. It can measure pulse, peak-to-peak and DC source measurements in units of W, dBm, dB, J, A, V, Sun, and relative units. Its 4-inch full color, graphical LCD display enables impressively vivid numerical and graphical representations. Its low power consumption design allows elimination of a cooling fan, featured with a Stand-by mode for further energy saving when the meter is not actively used, makes the meter environment-friendly.

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