Backlit LCD kits from Endicott cover various sizes from common manufacturers

April 7, 2010
SmartKit development kits for OEMs allow users to evaluate LED-backlit LCDs.

SmartKit development kits for OEMs allow users to evaluate LED-backlit LCDs. The kits include an appropriate ERG LED driver card, flying lead input harness, DigitalView to ERG plug-and-play input harness, and a direct mate LED driver-to-LCD interconnect wiring harness. Eleven kits labeled with manufacturer and model numbers cover popular sizes from NEC, Sharp, and Optrex.
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Endicott, NY – Endicott Research Group’s New Smart Kit Development Kits for OEM LED-backlit LCDs provide customers looking to evaluate LED-backlit LCDs from major OEMs with everything they need to get the panel, backlight and driver fully operational.

Each Smart Kit is designed for a specific LED-backlit LCD from a major OEM. Included are:
* The appropriate ERG LED Driver card
* Flying lead input harness
* DigitalView® to ERG plug-and-play input harness
* Direct mate LED Driver-to-LCD interconnect wiring harness (where applicable)

All Smart Kit components are shipped in an 8.5” x 5” polyethylene bag labeled with the manufacturer and model number of the LCD panel, the ERG LED Driver card part number, and the part numbers for the input harness, DV harness and, where applicable, interconnect wiring harness.

Currently, ERG is shipping 11 different Smart Kits for LED-backlit panels in popular industrial sizes from NEC, Sharp and Optrex with more in the works, including kits for Kyocera, according to Corporate Distribution Manager, GMS Bill Abbott.

“All parts are used except, usually, for an input harness,” he said. “Two harness models are included with each kit but only one is required based on the controller being used. Digital View users have a plug-and-play option. Where non-DV controller cards are being used or where a separate power supply is located away from the controller card, customers will use the flying lead option. It is one or the other. We cover the spectrum by including both, so there is no chance the user won’t have all the components he needs to get the LCD backlight operational.”

Smart Kits are available for purchase from ERG at an average cost of $99.95 each in quantities from 1-9, with discounted pricing for quantities of 10 or more. For more information, go to, or contact Endicott Research Group (ERG), Inc., 2601 Wayne St., Endicott, NY 13760, USA. Tel: 607-754-9187; (toll-free: 800-215-5866); Fax: 607-754-9255; E-mail: [email protected].

About Endicott Research Group:
ERG, the specialist in power conversion solutions has been matching power solutions to LCD backlights since 1979. The company’s range of DC-AC inverters for CCFL-and EL-backlit LCDs is the largest in the world. ERG’s experience and technical expertise as a provider of inverter solutions has recently been extended to matching LED drivers and replacement rails to today’s LED-backlit LCDs.

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