Oclaro opens diode laser design and packaging center in Arizona

Sept. 28, 2010
San Jose, CA--Oclaro announced the opening of its new Design Center in Oro Valley, AZ to provide customers with specialized diode laser packaging designs.

San Jose, CA--Oclaro (NASDAQ: OCLR), a provider of optical communications and laser solutions, announced the opening of its new Design Center in Oro Valley, AZ (near Tucson) in what is commonly referred to as "Optics Valley." The new center will provide global customers with specialized diode laser packaging designs, leveraging the local optical expertise in the Tucson region, as well as the experienced workforce that joined Oclaro as a result of the company's acquisition of the Newport Spectra Physics laser diode business in July 2009.

"The Tucson area is recognized as a hub of innovation for the optical industry," said Scott Dunbar, general manager of High Power Laser Diode Portfolio for Oclaro. "Our new design center includes a strong local team with specialized design and packaging expertise. As a result, we expect the Tucson Design Center to contribute in Oclaro's efforts to expand our customer relationships and innovative diode laser products."

Oclaro acquired the Tucson-based Newport Spectra Physics high-powered laser diode business in July 2009 through a strategic exchange of assets with Newport. As a result of the exchange, Oclaro now delivers an expansive line of high-powered laser diodes, while also achieving lower costs and higher operating efficiencies through economies of scale, greater factory utilization, and its assembly and test manufacturing capabilities in Asia. The acquisition also expanded Oclaro's customer base, which now includes top-tier customers in the medical and industrial markets and additional markets that are rapidly turning to lasers for new and innovative applications.

"Our customers want to partner with a laser supplier that has the expertise they need to help get designs to market quickly and cost effectively," said Yves LeMaitre, executive VP and division manager at Oclaro. "They also prefer a supplier who is not competing with them in their markets, thus ensuring there are no conflicts when it comes to supply and intellectual property. Our acquisition of Newport's Spectra Physics line has been a win-win for both companies, and clearly highlights the tremendous advantages that vertically integrated companies can receive by outsourcing component design and manufacturing to a world-class leader such as Oclaro."

To achieve the highest level of cost savings and operational efficiencies, Oclaro has completed its consolidation of the former Tucson wafer fabrication facility into the company's fabs in Caswell, England and Zurich, Switzerland. As part of the global manufacturing infrastructure of Oclaro, the acquired product lines can now leverage Oclaro's economies of scale and expertise to reach competitive cost targets on leading edge technology and manufacturing processes.

The new Tucson Design Center will initially employ approximately 30 people, and is part of Oclaro's Advanced Photonics Solutions Division (APS) as a Technology Center of Innovation for Oclaro's high-powered laser diode products. The APS Division is a growth engine for Oclaro, serving the diverse and fast-growing markets for laser diodes, such as lasers for medical procedures, materials processing, consumer electronics and printing.

SOURCE: Oclaro (www.oclaro.com)

Posted by:Gail Overton

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