USDC and Insight Media explore 3D business opportunities

Sept. 7, 2006
San Jose, CA and Norwalk, CT--The U.S. Display Consortium (USDC) and Insight Media are collaborating to identify business opportunities and technical gaps in the 3D industry.

San Jose, CA and Norwalk, CT--The U.S. Display Consortium (USDC) and Insight Media are collaborating to identify business opportunities and technical gaps in the 3D industry. To this end, USDC and Insight Media are cooperating to research and produce a 3D market and technology report that will serve as the foundation for a 3D industry workshop, scheduled on November 16, 2007 in South San Francisco, CA. USDC will then determine the viability of a commercial working group that would focus on strategies for accelerating adoption of 3D technology, products and systems.

Recently, the 3D market has seen a resurgence of interest across a number of sectors including gaming, signage, military, medical and technical design (CAD) applications. Although 3D technology poses myriad benefits and potential, the infrastructure to support this industry is extremely fragmented and embryonic. While there are numerous companies working on bringing this technology to the mainstream and significant R&D investments are underway, there is no central platform coordinating this sector. USDC and Insight Media intend to gauge industry interest in a commercial working group as a means of addressing common industry issues-leveraging the workshop in November as the springboard for this initiative. Moreover, the one-day workshop will look at how to drive additional funding and support necessary to take the 3D market to the next level.

According to USDC's Director of Technical Programs, Brett Bryars, "Our decade-plus experience in the display industry-helping champion the commercialization of several technologies-led us to identify many similarities between the 3D business today and earlier emerging display and microelectronics technologies. While there is little doubt that the 3D market holds tremendous potential, it will only be through strong collaboration among private, public and university sectors that this technology will gain mainstream adoption in a timely and cost-effective manner. The report and workshop are intended to benchmark current trends and build industry consensus for the next step."

In addition to opening discussions around the challenges facing the 3D market, the workshop will also serve as initial debut of the 3D Industry Report, noted Chris Chinnock, president of Insight Media. "One of the goals for this workshop is to share some of the findings in the report with attendees, and to assess other ways we can serve the 3D community. We do not believe a report of this scope has been undertaken before, so we're excited to be collaborating with USDC on this endeavor. By leveraging our respective strengths in research, networking capabilities and proven technology expertise, we'll be able to provide the necessary information that can help this market soar to new heights."

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