Highly diverse multi-million-dollar opportunities emerging for vision in service robots

Feb. 23, 2011
Nashua, NH--According to "Vision for Service Robots," a new report from Vision Systems Design, a multitude of opportunities are emerging for vision components and systems in service robots for a wide range of applications.

Nashua, NH--According to "Vision for Service Robots," a new report from Vision Systems Design, a multitude of opportunities are emerging for vision components and vision systems in service robots for a wide range of applications.

The report, researched and written by Adil Shafi, president of Advenovation (Houghton, MI) and well-known authority on vision-guided robotics, states that military (such as UAVs and land-based robots), agriculture, mining, health care, construction, surveillance, and toys are among the key markets predicted to bring growth opportunities to suppliers of vision components and integrators building service robots.

"Service robots are growing both in numbers and in the applications they serve," said Conard Holton, editor in chief of Vision Systems Design and the report's co-author. "Applications range from the disposal of explosives, to supplying vision for robots in surgery, to simple home surveillance robots. Machine vision and image-processing products and technologies will continue to play essential roles for these robots."

Land-based military robots a key opportunity
This in-depth report for engineering and business development managers looks at specific vision opportunities in land-, space- and water-based service robot applications. It reveals that the most diverse opportunities for vision systems are in land-based robots for the military, a market which the report forecasts will total $263 million between 2010 and 2013.

"Vision for Service Robots" presents a comprehensive review of technologies, markets, and opportunities for suppliers of vision components and systems, and for developers and integrators of robots. It also includes crucial insights based on interviews with service robotics leaders at Waseda University, Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon, and MIT; researchers at Fraunhofer IPA and NIST; and companies including Willow Garage, iRobot, Intuitive Surgical, Hoaloa Robotics, Sony, and Kuka.

For a limited time, the report can be pre-ordered at a discounted rate. For a free executive summary, table of contents and online ordering information, visit www.vision-systems.com/research-reports.html.

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