Quantum dot IR device prototypes from QD Vision funded by DARPA

Aug. 19, 2011
Watertown, MA--A $900,000 development contract from DARPA was won by QD Vision to build a pair of prototype devices based on its quantum-dot technology.

Watertown, MA--A $900,000 development contract from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) was won by QD Vision. The contract calls for QD Vision to build a pair of prototype devices based on its quantum dot infrared (IR) materials. QD Vision will deliver to DARPA a device with quantum dots as an emissive layer in an electroluminescent electronic device application, and a second, photoluminescent device based on a film that is activated by external light sources. Both devices will be based on QD Vision’s quantum dots; semiconductor nanocrystals that emit light at specific wavelengths.

In January 2011, a QD Vision US Army SBIR yielded the world’s highest-resolution quantum-dot-based active matrix display at the time. In addition, QD Vision is well-positioned to advance its quantum-dot technology: In January 2010, QD Vision raised $10 million in financing from North Bridge Venture Partners, Highland Capital Partners, and In-Q-Tel to support the expansion of the first QD Vision Quantum Light products into the global solid-state lighting market and advance a new generation of quantum dot-based LEDs and materials for high-resolution displays; and in May 2011, QD Vision raised $22 million more to fund expansion and ramp production.

SOURCE: Mass High Tech; www.masshightech.com/stories/2011/08/15/daily31-QD-Vision-wins-900K-DARPA-deal-for-IR-devices.html

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