Financial Scoreboard for Week of July 16th

July 12, 2001
Quarterly updates are included for Agilent, Marconi, Zygo, and Laser Technology.

Agilent, Palo Alto, CA:

Period, End Date, Revenues, Income , EPS

Q2 4/30/01 $2.4 billion $96 million $0.21

Q2 4/30/00 $2.1 billion $166 million $0.37

On June 14, the company restated its financial statement to include "discontinued operations" resulting from the pending sale of Agilent's Healthcare Solutions Group to Royal Philips Electronics, a deal announced Nov. 17, 2000. The restatements include the reallocation of $88 million in the first half of FY2001 in general overhead charges previously charged to the health-care solutions business to Agilent's remaining business segments. The sale received antitrust clearance from the European Commission in March of this year and from the US Department of Justice earlier this month. The parties are working to close the transaction as soon as possible.

Marconi, London:

Period, End Date, Revenues, Income, EPS

Q4 3/31/01 �6.9 million �807 million �0.03

Q4 3/31/00 �5.7 million �750 million �0.05

Despite difficult conditions in the telecom-equipment sector, the company continued to deliver solid growth, including a 21% increase in sales. The decrease in payable earnings per share for the year over 2000 was due to a 42% increase in research-and-development investment. The company does not see an upturn in general market conditions until the end of 2001, but expects to achieve growth for the full year. The Optical Networks and Access Systems portfolios saw sales growth of 40% and 22%, respectively.

Zygo Corp, Middlefield, CT:

Period, End Date, Revenues, Income, EPS

Q3 3/31/01 $3.9 million $3.2 million $0.20 diluted

Q3 3/31/00 $2.2 million $0.8 million $0.0.6 diluted

In March 2001, Zygo offered 2.9 million shared of common stock in a secondary public offering, at $19 per share. Net proceeds to the company after deducting the underwriting discounts, commissions, and offering expenses totaled about $51.8 million. In Dec. 2000, the company borrowed $5 million to finance the acquisition of an 87,000 sq ft facility in Westboro, MA. Comparisons to 2000 Q3 reflect nonrecurring non-cash compensation costs related to stock options held by shareholders of Firefly Technologies (Holliston, MA), which merged with Zygo Corporation in a pooling-of-interest transaction in May 2000.

Laser Technology, Englewood, CO

Period, End Date, Revenues, Income, EPS

Q2 3/31/01 $3.0 million $45.207 $0.01

Q2 3/31/00 $2.5 million -$142,376 -$0.03

Sales of the company�s traffic speed enforcement products rose 5% to $1.8 million over last year, while survey and mapping product sales increased 34% to $966,794. Total operating expenses decreased approximately 3% to $1,677,199 for Q2 2001. An absence of legal costs and severance costs associated with restructuring of personnel was almost offset by increased travel expenses, Board of Directors fees, consultant fees, and patent defense costs. The company claims that its unique ASIC chip, which began shipping in March, will be the foundation for future bolstering of revenues in OEM sales.

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