Linescan cameras from e2v provide line rates up to 95,000 lines/s

April 25, 2013
ELiiXA+ 16k/8k and 8k/4k color cameras are based on multiline CMOS technology.

ELiiXA+ 16k/8k and 8k/4k color cameras are based on multiline CMOS technology. They provide line rates up to 95,000 lines/s and offer a high signal-to-noise ratio. The 5 μm pixel size is arranged in four active lines with a dual-line filter configuration, allowing the camera to operate in a true color mode with 10 μm RGB pixels.
Chelmsford, England

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e2v launches color versions of its market leading ELiiXA+ line scan cameras

e2v, a leading global provider of high performance imaging solutions, has launched color versions of its market leading ELiiXA+ line scan cameras. The new color 16k/8k and 8k/4k cameras are based on e2v’s multi-line CMOS technology. They provide users with a true color mode, making them ideal for high resolution document scanning and the inspection of printing, flat panel displays, printed circuit boards, food, pharmaceutical and high quality raw material surfaces.

e2v has designed its ELiiXA+ camera family specifically to provide advanced speed, supreme sensitivity and high resolution. This is done by incorporating an innovative CMOS pixel architecture, combining the most advanced signal to noise ratio per individual pixel with multi-line architecture, to boost sensitivity by sequentially integrating the same object line with full exposure control. The family was launched in 2011 with the 16k pixel monochrome camera (for advanced machine vision applications), followed by the 8k/4k pixel monochrome camera in 2012 (broadening the range of applications).

The two new ELiiXA+ color cameras provide high line rates, up to 95,000 lines per second, and combine high response with an extremely low noise level; this delivers a high signal to noise ratio, even when short integration times are required or when illumination is limited. The 5μm pixel size is arranged in four active lines and a dual line filter configuration allows the cameras to be operated in several modes:
• True color mode with 10µm RGB pixels to provide equivalent color fidelity to 10µm pixel tri-linear solutions with advanced immunity to web variation.
• Full definition mode with a unique 16,384 RGB pixel resolution.

The16k/8k pixel resolution model is available with a CoaXPress interface, whilst the 8k/4k model is interfaced through Camera Link.

Sebastien Teysseyre, e2v’s marketing manager for industrial cameras said “The e2v multi-line CMOS technology available in the ELiiXA+ camera family has been quickly adopted by the market because of its unique capability to simultaneously deliver advanced performance combined with high levels of versatility for system integration. Adding these two new color models to the ELiiXA+ family supports the market in the ever increasing need for color imaging, setting new standard for industrial imaging.”

About e2v
e2v is a leading global provider of specialist technology for high performance systems and equipment; delivering solutions, sub-systems and components for applications within medical & science, aerospace & defence, and commercial & industrial markets.

e2v employs approximately 1650 people, has design and operational facilities across Europe, North America and Asia, and has a global network of sales and technical support offices. For the year ended 31 March 2012, e2v reported sales of GBP235m and is listed on the London Stock Exchange.


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