Photon etc tunable filter designed to filter supercontinuum sources

June 3, 2013
The LLTF Contrast can be customized to Ti:sapphire lasers with a tuning range and bandwidth of

The LLTF Contrast widely tunable filter with -60 dB of isolation is designed to filter high-power supercontinuum sources of up to 10 W. It can also be customized to Ti:sapphire lasers with a tuning range and bandwidth of < 0.4 nm to remove unwanted fluorescence from the source to get a clean excitation line. It comes with PHySpec control software.
Photon etc.
Montreal, QC, Canada

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Photon etc. Announces the LLTF ConstrastTM, the Ideal Supercontinuum Tunable Filter.

Montreal, QC - Photon etc. is proud to announce the release of the LLTF ContrastTM, the only widely tunable filter offering -60dB of isolation. Specially designed to filter Fianium's high-power supercontinuum sources, the latest innovation provides minimal losses to get a tunable laser source with maximal power over the whole VIS-NIR range or the extended SWIR range. Serving more than supercontinuum filtering, the LLTF Contrast can as well be customized to Ti:sapph lasers tuning range and bandwidth (< 0.4 nm), removing the unwanted fluorescence from the source to get a clean excitation line.

Based on Photon etc.'s patented technology, the LLTF has been a high value-added product for several years, but the recent increase in accessible power for supercontinuum sources (up to 10W) triggered an improved design. In addition to raising the damage threshold and giving a better look to the tunable filter, Photon etc's engineers have also enhanced the control of the instrument and eased its integration with Fianium sources, turning it into a very accessible turn-key solution.

Scientists of a wide variety of fields will benefit from these improvements, first because of the high-power distribution when combined to a supercontinuum source (up to 5 mW/selected position), but also because of the unmatched isolation (-60dB) of the filter. Giving access to highly isolated excitation opens new possibilities for researchers working on carbon nanotubes, fluorescence imaging or metrology. Furthermore, PHySpecTM, Photon etc's proprietary control software, allows the smoothest guidance for wavelength selection and calibration. In line with Photon etc's commitment to innovation, many custom options are offered: internal calibration, order filters, custom bandwidth or spectral range.

"This high contrast filter, in combination with high-power sources, has been a constant request from our customers - says Marc Verhaegen, CTO. In comparision with AOTFs, it offers very high efficiency and isolation while being tunable on wide spectral ranges. The LLTF Contrast is something not yet offered on the market in terms of performance and user-friendliness."

About Photon etc. Photon etc offers state-of-the-art photonic and optical research instrumentation. Its patented spectral imaging and optical sensing technologies provide solutions for a wide variety of scientific and industrial applications. Photon etc. aims to provide each researcher, engineer and technician with access to the latest innovations in optical and photonic instrumentation. From material analysis to medical imaging, Photon etc's expertise and spirit of innovation allow the exploration of uncharted territories.


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