More-durable metallized sapphire endoscopic windows developed by Guild Optics

Jan. 11, 2013
Amherst, NH--Guild Optical Associates has developed a proprietary method for fabricating more-durable endoscopic metallized sapphire windows.

Amherst, NH--Guild Optical Associates (aka Guild Optics) has developed a proprietary method for fabricating endoscopic metallized sapphire windows that better withstand today's harsh sterilization techniques. Guild says that for years, metallized sapphire windows have stayed the same while autoclave technology has grown at leaps and bounds. Now, autoclaves and chemical sterilization units are so advanced that they are eating away at the common metallization used to adhere sapphire windows to their endoscopic housings.

Guild Optics recognized a need from its endoscopic customer base, collaborated toward a solution, and has developed a new, more-durable metallization. The new solderable sapphire window can better withstand the harshest of autoclaves, as well as new chemical and plasma sanitization systems.

The new, more-durable metallized sapphire windows are not limited to the endoscopic industry, but are ideal for all hermetic brazing applications because the metallization has a higher stress and shock tolerance. The proprietary method uses a reformed metallic combination that is coated on the edges of the sapphire optics and the new metallized optic can be used in the same way that current optics are soldered or brazed into place. Guild says that cost and quality are the same; the only difference is improved durability.

Guild Optical Associates is an in-house manufacturer of customer-specified optical components. For more than 22 years, Guild has been pursuing innovations in optical polishing techniques. Sapphire optics is their specialty but they also have extensive experience in glass substrate materials.

SOURCE: Guild Optical Associates (Guild Optics);

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