IRCameras scientific cameras detect in MWIR and LWIR regions

March 1, 2013
The IRC906sls IR camera incorporates a strained layer superlattice (SLS) sensor to detect IR radiation in both the midwave
(MWIR) and longwave (LWIR) spectral regions.

The IRC906sls IR camera incorporates a strained layer superlattice (SLS) sensor to detect IR radiation in both the midwave (MWIR) and longwave (LWIR) spectral regions. The cooled camera can be configured for MWIR, LWIR, or broadband (2.5–11.5 μm) imaging.
Santa Barbara, CA

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IR Cameras announces a Cooled Camera able to see both MWIR and LWIR Wavelengths

Santa Barbara, CA – IRCameras, announced today the IRC906sls, a new addition to their IRC900 Series scientific camera line. This infrared camera incorporates an innovative Strained Layer Superlattice (SLS) Sensor from QmagiQ which further expands the infrared market by allowing the IRC906sls to detect infrared radiation in both the mid-wave (MWIR) and long-wave (LWIR) spectral regions. The IRC906sls infrared camera can be configured for MWIR, LWIR or broadband (2.5 micron to 11.5 micron) imaging.

Developed and manufactured by IRCameras, the new IRC906sls has an all-digital FPA with 640x512 format, 20 micron pixel pitch, running at up to 475 frames per second at full window size with no electronic crosstalk. The IRC906sls utilizes on-board frame averaging to improve signal to noise, allowing greater sensitivity and superior image quality. Additionally, the IRC906sls offers sub-windowing, external synchronization and multiple outputs - advanced features available with IRC’s entire line of highly enabled science cameras.

The IRC906sls is the latest addition to IRCameras’ line of Closed Cycle Stirling Cooled Cameras. Superior sensitivity makes the IRC906sls well suited for Long Range Surveillance, Chemical Analysis and Target Signature Characterization and Detection. The IRC906sls is like having two cameras in one - an optional embedded filter wheel allows the user to select specific wavelengths of interest in both the MWIR and LWIR regions, taking full advantage of the broadband response of the SLS sensor. The combination of a high performance digital sensor, along with the standard broadband spectral response of the SLS material, results in a truly unique infrared camera.

“IRCameras has offered scientific infrared cameras for many years. The IRC906sls defines a new standard of broadband infrared imaging capabilities. Leveraging the custom manufacturing capabilities of IRC, along with the latest developments in sensor technology, this innovative solution provides our customers with the ability to use a single instrument at an attractive price-point to solve imaging challenges which previously required multiple camera systems.” said Steve McHugh, president IRCameras LLC.

About IRCameras LLC
IRCameras, LLC is a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance infrared imaging systems for exceptionally demanding scientific, industrial and military applications. IRC offers commercial off the shelf and customizable cameras, OEM cores and IDCAs that utilize the most sophisticated digital focal plane technologies, providing the highest sensitivity and fastest frame rates. For more information about IRCameras, LLC, please visit our website


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