Changing scenes

Continuing a long tradition of technical excellence, the editorial team at Laser Focus World welcomes new editor in chief John Lewis.

Readers familiar with this Editor’s Desk will know that, over the past seven years, my favorite kind of Desk has been one in which I preview the articles in the issue, highlight some important trends I see, and extoll the talents of our editorial team. That team—consisting of editors Lee Dubay, Barbara Gefvert, Gail Overton, and John Wallace—put their wonderful talents into creating or editing articles for the magazine and website, newsletters, webcasts, and so much more that is not always visible to readers. They are the best, and along with our tremendous publisher, sales and marketing team, art and production staff, and audience development specialists, I’m very grateful for everything they do.

This is my last issue as editor-in-chief of Laser Focus World. As an editor and journalist, it has been a great honor to hold this position and to connect with so many people in our community, to learn from them both as individual engineers, scientists, and executives, and in their roles within the many companies and institutions in this field. I leave after 21 years with Laser Focus World, including stints with WDM Solutions and Vision Systems Design. There will still be a role for me, however, as the editor-at-large, with a charter to provide strategic consulting, contribute a monthly column in the magazine and a blog online, and return as chair of the 2019 Lasers & Photonics Marketplace Seminar—an activity I have always enjoyed. I think I have a very good deal.

You are now in the good hands of new editor-in-chief John Lewis, who becomes the 10th person to hold that title in the 53 years since Laser Focus World was first published. John has worn many hats before he assumed this position. We are very fortunate for both his body of knowledge and his experience as a trained engineer, technology journalist, and marketing manager for a leading machine vision company. For the past two years, he has displayed his skills and innovation as editor-in-chief of Vision Systems Design.

I am pleased and proud to congratulate John, and know that he and the magazine staff will continue to grow and evolve in the coming years. And to you, dear readers, many thanks for your years of trust in and support of Laser Focus World.

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