Imaging &Amp; Detector Industry Report

eMagin struggles toward OLED production; SoftRay develops fluorescence-based detector; BAE wins $5.6 million contract for U.K. ...

SoftRay develops fluorescence-based detector
A new fluorescence tool to rapidly identify biological agents in food, water, and air is being developed by SoftRay Inc. (Laramie, WY), and will undergo testing at the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Center (Natick, MA). This new optical sensor can rapidly find and identify infectious bacteria such as anthrax, E. coli., salmonella, and cryptosporidium, preventing illness caused by accidental or intentional contamination of food or water. The Natick Soldier Center and SoftRay recently entered into an agreement to evaluate SoftRay's rapid detection system. SoftRay's long-range goal is to develop and license the production of their smart biomedical optical systems to corporate partners. Pending the outcome of tests on SoftRay's technology, the Natick center may support field evaluation of the technology through the U.S. Army Veterinary Command, which has food-safety authority for military bases worldwide. The field testing would move SoftRay's technology one step closer to commercialization.

Ametek buys IRAS from PerkinElmer
Ametek Inc. (Paoli, PA) has acquired Instruments for Research and Applied Science (IRAS; Oakridge, TN), a leading developer and manufacturer of analytic instrumentation, from PerkinElmer Inc. (Wellesley, MA). IRAS manufactures and markets technologically advanced analytical instrumentation that is used in a number of applications including nuclear spectroscopy, research electrochemistry, and electronic signal processing. IRAS has 275 employees and is expected to report sales of approximately $50 million in 2001. The purchase price was approximately $63 million in cash. "Our acquisition of IRAS further expands Ametek's position in differentiated analytical instruments," said Ametek chairman and CEO Frank Hermance.

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