Feb. 1, 2002
SiGe quantum-well device lases in the terahertz region; Laser diode reliably emits 2 W of 810-nm light; High-absorption QWIP operates at room temperature...

The researchers measured the spectrum emitted by a simple electrically pumped boron-doped Si/SiGe/Si quantum well (QW), finding numerous lines in the 10- to 12-meV range. The cavity was 3.5 mm long and 0.5 mm thick, with all surfaces polished and the QW thickness equal to 20 nm. Particularly prominent in the spectrum was a line at a wavelength of 104 µm. Different lines corresponded to differing spatial modes with slightly different optical paths. The researchers estimate that the resonator quality of the device is better than 300. The lasing arises from a population inversion resulting from the resonant states of boron, according to the researchers. Contact Miron Kagan at [email protected].


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