Maximizing Multiphoton Image Quality Using Discovery with Total Power Control (TPC) - video

Obtaining high quality multiphoton microscope images often requires high speed adjustment of laser power. Watch our video to see how Chameleon Discover with TPC provides independent sub-microsecond power adjustment of two output wavelengths.

LaserFousWorld Test
LaserFousWorld Test

Ultrafast Lasers specifically designed for multi-photon microscopy provide increasingly sophisticated performances in a sealed package that does not require any user maintenance or adjustment other than computer control integrated within the microscope user interface.

The Chameleon family of lasers (Ultra, Vision and Discovery) provide broad tuning range – up to a full octave – to cover all existing and future fluorescent probes. Most models also include pulse chirp pre-compensation to minimize pulse duration and therefore maximize the efficiency of excitation of the biological specimen. The latest addition to this family, Chameleon Discovery TPC, is the first laser for multi-photon microscopy to integrate Acousto-Optics Modulators (AOMs) to fully control the laser output power at sub-microsecond speed.

Chameleon Discovery TPC provides dual outputs – a fixed output at 1040 nm, and a tunable one that extends from 680 to 1300 nm. The power in each output is independently controlled by a dedicated AOM, driven by a direct RF input or by an analog signal feeding the internal RF driver.

Integration of Total Power Control (TPC) also means that the all-important laser beam parameters are specified at the output of the modulators as the beam is fed into the microscope, thus eliminating guesses and uncertainties about beam quality.

Watch the video below to see how Chameleon Discovery TPC breaks new ground in collecting high-quality images as its AOMs adjust the laser power in real time for different dynamic situations such as galvo fly-back, resonant scanning and z-stacks deep imaging.

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