Standard and Custom Optical Fibers for Diverse Applications

Watch this video to learn about the vertical integration behind Coherent’s capabilities in supplying standard and custom optical fibers for diverse applications, including fiber lasers, gyroscopes, medical, temperature and acoustic sensing, beam delivery and more.

Fibers provide unique functionality in many applications today that go far beyond simple telecom. Coherent is a vertically integrated manufacturer of all types of optical fiber with a broad offering of both standard and custom products. Watch this video to see how we control every step of the process, from custom glass substrates to fully drawn and packaged fibers.

Coherent supplies fibers for virtually any application to both OEMs and end users. These include doped gain fibers for use in lasers and amplifiers at a range of wavelengths, including the latest thulium (Tm3+) doped fiber lasers with output centered at 1940 nm. This wavelength matches the absorption of liquid water, thus enabling a range of potential medical applications and commercial materials processing tasks.

For fiber delivery tasks, Coherent fabricates a range of core sizes and shapes supporting multi-mode performance, as well as polarization preserving single-mode fibers for demanding applications in life sciences, microscopy, and spectroscopic instruments. A broad selection of different beam delivery fibers including a SPIE award winning fiber design that provides top-hat output performance for optimized materials cutting and heat treating, as well as laser pumping.

A broad selection of sensing fibers are also available such as gyroscope fibers for aerospace applications, as well as sensing fibers that detect transmission and reflection changes due to changes in temperature, pressure and bending forces.

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