High Performance Non-Spherical Optics and Systems - Video

Nov. 2, 2018
Watch this video to learn about Coherent’s unique capabilities in fabricating high performance optics, particularly with non-spherical shapes, on a wide variety of substrate materials for industrial, commercial, and spaceborne applications.

Applications for high performance optics range from spaceborne telescopes to demanding commercial tasks such as manufacturing flat panel displays. Many of these applications now use free-form – i.e., non-spherical – optics to eliminate aberrations and maximize performance, while minimizing the number, size, and weight of components in an optical system. Coherent specializes in fabricating both free-form and spherical optics for these types of mission-critical situations. These include a wide variety of substrate materials, ranging from beryllium to silicon carbide, conventional optical glasses, and nickel-plated aluminum. Coherent can even produce a high-quality optical surface on bare aluminum.

Increasingly, the optimum solution for an optical challenge involves more than just the optics. Watch this video to learn how Coherent can design, develop and deliver complete optomechanical systems, including optical components, mounting mechanics, and fully-aligned optical assemblies.

With state of the art optics, metrology and testing are just as important as fabrication and precision assembly. To fully certify these optics requires a comprehensive suite of instruments and methods based on both techniques as well as unique proprietary tools. The end results are optics and systems that meet your specification and exceed your expectations, whether you need a single optic or a thousand identical subsystems.

From the Webb space telescope to spacecraft sent to probe the edges of our solar system and beyond, when there is no chance for a second chance, scientists and engineers depend on Coherent.

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