DPM Photonics enters laser software partnership with RP Photonics

April 30, 2011
DPM Photonics has partnered with RP Photonics Consulting GmbH to provide sales support for RP Photonics' line of advanced modeling software for laser systems.

Vernon, CT--DPM Photonics, a company providing consulting and product representation services for the mid- to high-power laser and component markets, has partnered with RP Photonics Consulting GmbH (Bad Dürrheim, Germany; www.rp-photonics.com) to provide sales support for RP Photonics' line of advanced modeling software for laser systems. Software offerings will include RP Fiber Power for fiber mode calculations and the simulation of power evolution in fiber lasers, amplifiers and ASE sources; RP Resonator for the design and optimization of bulk laser resonators; and RP ProPulse for the simulation of ultrashort pulse propagation in mode-locked lasers, parametric oscillators and fiber devices.

"These powerful modeling software packages from RP Photonics suitably complement the large variety of products DPM Photonics currently offers," says Dr. David Machewirth, President of DPM Photonics. "Having extreme flexibility, high computational reliability, a multitude of features and customer-focused product support, all at a very competitive price, these programs provide the type of value our customers expect us to offer."

"I am pleased to have found DPM Photonics as a very suitable partner for the simulation software business," says Dr. Rüdiger Paschotta, President of RP Photonics. "In particular, DPM Photonics has substantial know-how related to optical fiber technology, the technical area related to the main product RP Fiber Power. Surely, many of their customers can strongly profit from powerful software that allows them to analyze their fibers and devices, optimize prototype and product designs and check the feasibility of innovative ideas. As the photonics industry gets more mature, a profound quantitative understanding of device performance will more and more be recognized to be essential."

SOURCE: DPM Photonics; www.dpmphotonics.com/news_story.php/10

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