Workshop of Photonics micromachining software for positioning stage control

June 28, 2011
Version 2.5 of SCA Professor laser micromachining software controls positioning stages by directly addressing the command libraries of the positioning stage’s software and controls a wide range of devices.

Version 2.5 of SCA Professor laser micromachining software controls positioning stages by directly addressing the command libraries of the positioning stage’s software and controls a wide range of devices, with integration of new/specific devices available on request. It supports various files and has a list of convenient algorithms and mathematical commands.
Workshop of Photonics
Vilnius, Lithuania
[email protected]

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SCA Laser Automation/Motion Control Software

Workshop of Photonics® develops SCA software packages for laser micromachining.

SCA is a universal and flexible tool for controlling and automation of laser, translation stages, galvanometer scanners, piezo positioners and other devices used in laser micromachining systems.

With its abundance of useful features, SCA makes micromachining tasks easily describable, controllable and repeatable.

Main features of SCA professor:

  • Directly controls Aerotech positioning equipment (no need of G-code)
  • Controls up to 5 axis positioning system, including linear, galvanometer or rotary
  • Incorporates convenient algorithms and mathematical commands
  • Synchronizes laser operation with positioning stages and galvo-scanners

SCA professor™ is the most flexible, fully functional edition, dedicated to technically and ideologically unlimited 3D micromachining experiments.

SCA student™ is a cost effective software solution for relatively simple micromachining tasks. It controls either three-axis motion system or two axis galvanometer scanners.

SCA engineer™ is dedicated to industry and industrial research laser micromachining systems. Implying task optimized machine vision algorithms, production operation mode, control of production line peripherals, etc. SCA Engineer is suitable for automated control of high-end laser micromachining instruments.

Supported file formats:
*.dxf – for 3D and 2D object fabrication,

*.plt (.hpgl, .hpg) – standard plotter format for fabrication of 2D objects; features fabrication trajectory optimization, hatching function with varying line density and angle,

*.stl – file format standard used in 3D lithography; features horizontal and angled slicing, shell formation according to surface of an object, shells (or layers) can vary in numbers, distance between shells. User can define number of inside and outside shells to be modeled and distance between shells. This allows increasing wall thickness of a fabricated 3D object.

*.bmp – common raster graphics file format, featuring gray scale fabrication based on pulse density, relief fabrication based on bitmap intensity levels, polarization change based on bitmap intensity levels.

Recommended system requirements:
WinXP/Win 7 operating system
Equivalent to ATI Radeon HD 2000 series, NVIDIA GeForce 210 (or better)
Double core 2 GHz CPU (or better)
2 GB of RAM (or better)

3D direct laser writing
laser cutting
laser etching
laser marking
laser dicing


Posted by Lee Mather

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