Optical Gaging Products measurement system offers 12x motorized zoom lens

March 4, 2011
The SmartScope Flash 500 automatic dimensional measurement system offers a volume of 500 × 610 × 400 mm to accommodate large parts, fixtures, and rotaries.

The SmartScope Flash 500 automatic dimensional measurement system offers a volume of 500 × 610 × 400 mm to accommodate large parts, fixtures, and rotaries. It includes a patented AccuCentric 12x motorized zoom lens with autocalibration, and the patented white LED SmartRing light, coaxial (TTL) white surface light, and green LED backlight for illumination.
Optical Gaging Products
Rochester, NY

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OGP SmartScope Flash 500 Now Offers Expanded Measurement Volume


Rochester, New York
October 7, 2010

Optical Gaging Products (OGP®) announces new stage travel options for its popular, small-footprint floor model SmartScope® Flash™ 500 automatic dimensional measurement system. Flash 500's generous 500x450x200 mm measurement volume is now available with a volume as large as 500x610x400 mm (20x24x16") to accommodate large parts, fixtures, and rotaries. The large-capacity Flash 500 recently exhibited at IMTS 2010 demonstrated an aluminum casting on a rotary mount, performing detailed measurements with important datum references.

Like other OGP SmartScope Flash systems, Flash 500 measurement accuracy is assured through uniquely designed-in features. For example, its optical assembly moves in the X-axis across a steel crossbeam so it is evenly supported throughout the extent of its travel, with no stage travel beyond the width of the unit. The part moves only in the Y-axis. All axes are DC servo driven and use high-resolution scales for positional feedback. A metrologically stable granite platform ensures proper damping and structural integrity. And integral system electronics minimize the total system footprint while maximizing stage travel.

Like all OGP SmartScope systems, the Flash 500 excels at video measurement. It is equipped with the patented AccuCentric® 12x motorized zoom lens that auto-calibrates at every magnification change. There are multiple system illumination sources including the patented white LED SmartRing™ light, coaxial (TTL) white surface light, and green LED back light, to vividly illuminate part features. SmartScope Flash 500 is multisensor-ready, with available touch trigger probes for tactile measurement of hard-to-image part features, TTL and DRS™ lasers and the Rainbow Probe™ scanning white light sensor for non-contact surface contouring, or the unique Feather Probe™ micro-probe sensor, that can acquire data points with only milligrams of probing pressure.

Integrated OGP metrology software is known for its point-and-click ease of use as well as its power. Popular and user-friendly Measure-X® metrology software offers the flexibility users want, including a choice of screen layouts on one or two monitors and helpful CAD import. Optional MeasureMind® 3D MultiSensor software provides full 3D measurement capabilities with programmable control of all sensors in any sequence, and complete data integration for detailed measurement verification of even the most complex/detailed parts. Optional software includes SmartFit® 3D interactive fitting software, SmartProfile® fitting software for GD&T environments, and several others for SPC, 3D CAD import, and custom report writing.

For additional information on SmartScope Flash 500 or any of the OGP metrology solutions, contact Optical Gaging Products at (800) 647-4243, www.ogpnet.com or email at [email protected].

Optical Gaging Products is recognized for its innovation in non-contact and multisensor dimensional measurement systems, optical comparators, and laser surface scanners for manufacturing quality control. Since its establishment in 1945, OGP has delivered thousands of measurement systems to manufacturing companies worldwide. OGP systems are manufactured in Rochester, NY, and the company maintains sales and service facilities in Tempe, AZ; Singapore; Germany; India; and China. Optical Gaging Products is one of the Quality Vision International companies.


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