AutoVimation air curtain for camera enclosures suits harsh environments

March 5, 2011
An air curtain protects the front panel of the camera enclosure from dirt, adding 10 mm to its length, enabling use in harsh environments.
An air curtain protects the front panel of the camera enclosure from dirt, adding 10 mm to its length, enabling use in harsh environments. Pressurized air (5 bar, 50–100 l/min) is used to create a “tornado effect,” which deflects any foreign bodies flying toward the front panel, including oil mists and aluminum chips.AutoVimation
Berlin, Germany
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Air flow for a good view:
Air curtain for camera enclosures from autoVimation

Karlsruhe – Dust, drizzle and spray water are common obstacles for the installation of camera systems in rugged industrial environments, especially if the application requires the camera to face upwards. For such tasks, autoVimation has developed an air curtain which reliably protects the front panel of the camera enclosure from dirt, thus allowing for use even in very demanding environments. The ultra-compact air curtain, which can be easily attached to all autoVimation enclosures, merely adds 10 mm to their length. Pressurized air (5 bar, 50-100 l/min) enters through a control valve at the side of the air curtain unit, and is then expelled through nozzles directly above the enclosure's front panel. The nozzles are arranged to create a “tornado effect”, which efficiently deflects any foreign bodies flying towards the front panel while using very little air, thus providing a clear view for the camera. In most cases, an air flow of 50 l/min is sufficient. At diagonal image angles below 30°, an additional tube can be attached to increase efficiency. The air curtain can be operated continuously or shortly before image acquisition in order to clean the front panel. Practical tests have shown that the system keeps even oil mists and aluminum chips away from the front panel or removes them efficiently.

Company Background

Established in 2008, Karlsruhe-based autoVimation was founded by Peter Neuhaus to provide solutions for easier installation and adjustment of image processing components. The company has developed a modular construction kit that simplifies the connection of all required components, which does away with costly and time-consuming manufacturing of dedicated mounting brackets. The product portfolio also includes compact, easy-to-integrate enclosures that provide optimal protection for cameras and lenses in industrial applications, and ensure good heat dissipation. autoVimation supplies complete, ready-to-install mechanical solutions for cameras and light fittings, and enables the integration of special lenses, filters, light barriers, encoders, or other sensors.

autoVimation's customers include renowned companies from various industry branches, such as the pharmaceutical and food industry, measuring technology, quality control, and security technology.


Posted by Lee Mather

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