High-performance spectral systems goal of Avantes and Tornado partnership

Jan. 22, 2013
Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, and Toronto, ON, Canada--Avantes and Tornado are joining forces to deliver a new line of high-performance HTVS spectrometers.

Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, and Toronto, ON, Canada--With an aim to design, manufacture, and distribute a new line of high-performance spectrometers, Avantes and Tornado Spectral Systems are joining forces. Under the terms of the cooperation, Tornado will use its signature proprietary technology--the High Throughput Virtual Slit (HTVS)--to design a series of high-performance spectrometers that will be manufactured and distributed worldwide by Avantes and its partners/distributors.

The companies say that HTVS enables spectrometers to overcome the traditional trade-off between sensitivity and resolution. With order(s) of magnitude gain in light throughput at virtually no compromise to resolution, the HTVS enables the advent of compact and high-performance spectroscopy solutions at a lower cost than traditional high-performance systems.

The partnership between the two companies will combine design, manufacturing, and distribution to ensure that Avantes' customers access best-in-class products across a wide range of applications. Tornado's HTVS spectrometer technology has been selected as a PRISM award finalist and winners will be announced at Photonics West 2013 (http://spie.org/photonics-west.xml).

Benno Oderkerk, CEO of Avantes, said, "We are proud to announce this cooperation and combination of Avantes’ market access and comprehensive product line with the technology provided by Tornado to supply the market with the next generation of spectrometers."

"We believe that Tornado's HTVS-equipped instrumentation forms the foundation of the next generation in optical spectroscopy," says Arsen Hajian, CTO of Tornado. "Our technology will be well represented with our partnership with Avantes, which is a clear leader in quality, manufacturing and customer service."

Avantes plans to showcase their first spectrometer product based on Tornado’s HTVS technology at Pittcon 2013. Moreover, both companies will be exhibiting at Photonics West at the Moscone Center in San Francisco from February 5-7, 2013. Avantes is at Booth #1713 (Photonics West) and Booth #8026 (BiOS) and Tornado Spectral Systems is at Booth #5311 (Photonics West) and Booth #8735 (BiOS).

Founded in 2010, Tornado Spectral Systems (http://tornado-spectral.com) develops optical spectroscopy solutions for chemical substance detection and identification, diagnosis, remote-sensing and imaging. Tornado works with large OEMs to develop ground-breaking solutions for high-performance optical engines, both in free-space spectroscopy and integrated photonics, or spectroscopy-on-chip.

Avantes develops and manufacture spectrometers, light sources, software, fiber optic cables, and accessories. With more than 18 years of experience, Avantes produces prduces for diverse fields including chemical, solar energy, agriculture, gemology, biomedical (http://www.bioopticsworld.com), semiconductor, light measurement, and food processing technology.

SOURCE: Avantes; http://www.avantes.com/News/

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