New Products for the Week of October 30, 2000

Oct. 30, 2000
Digital imaging system from Photometrics, Munich, Germany; High-speed video system from NAC Image Technology, Simi Valley, CA; Deuturium tungsten lamps from Hamamatsu Corp., Bridgewater, NJ; Optical profiler from Veeco Metrology Group, Tucson, AZ.

Digital imaging system
The CoolSNAP digital imaging system for microscopy includes a 1300 x 1300-pixel CCD cooled to ±30°C and low-noise electronics. It produces 12-bit images at 20 MHz with a spatial resolution of 6.7 x 6.7-µm pixels. It comes with a custom PCI card and imaging software and provides 4096 levels of gray-scale data for quantitative analysis.
Photometrics, Munich, Germany

High-speed video system
The Memrecam Micro Camera System captures full-color images at frame rates of 100, 250, or 500 frames/s. Interchangeable angled or straight camera heads weigh less than 1 lb and measure less than 1 x 1 x 4 in. The system comes with a 2.9- or a 13-m cable and has standard record times of more than 4 s, with up to 13 s possible with optional maximum memory.
NAC Image Technology, Simi Valley, CA

Deuturium tungsten lamps
The L7893 UV-VIS fiber light source combines deuturium and tungsten lamps for a single source with a spectral range of 200 to 1100 nm. The 30-W lamp has a life of 2000 h, and the sources have a typical output stability of 0.004%. A 1-m optical-fiber light guide with a core diameter from 0.2 to 0.8 mm is available.
Hamamatsu Corp., Bridgewater, NJ

Optical profiler
The Wyko NT1000 optical profiling system uses noncontact interferometry to make 3-D surface height measurements from 0.1 to 1 mm. The gauge-capable system includes a manual x/y stage, coarse/fine focus, and tip/tilt adjustment. Multi-objective turret and field-of-view lenses are optional. Its 32-bit, Windows-based software allows Fourier, roughness, histogram, multiregion, step height, feature statistics, and advanced data filtering.
Veeco Metrology Group, Tucson, AZ

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