Lidar sensor maker Quanergy acquires people-detection software from Raytheon

Lidar sensors provider Quanergy Systems has acquired the OTUS People Tracker software from Raytheon BBN Technologies.

Light detection and ranging (lidar) sensors provider Quanergy Systems (Sunnyvale, CA) has acquired the OTUS People Tracker software from Raytheon BBN Technologies (Cambridge, MA). When used with Quanergy's lidar sensors, the software creates an integrated hardware and software solution for advanced people detection and tracking applications within the security and autonomous driving markets.

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OTUS uses sophisticated human perception algorithms to identify and track people in 3D for safety and security in crowded environments at ranges exceeding 100 m when used with Quanergy lidar sensors. The system features segmentation techniques identifying humans, background extraction, object clustering, sophisticated merge and split algorithms, persistent tracking algorithms, and other advanced features supporting crowd control. It includes support for multiple zones of interest, allowing fine control over active monitoring.

The software is the foundation for Q-Guard, Quanergy's 3D perimeter fencing and intrusion detection system. The company will demonstrate Q-Guard and the capability for tracking human subjects at the upcoming security tradeshow ASIS 2016, to take place September 12-15 in Orlando, FL. The demo at Booth 3078 will show how the company's lidar sensors and software incorporating the OTUS People Tracker capability can track people persistently, send commands to PTZ cameras, and enable the cameras to focus on subjects.

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