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The Mantis oscillator for short-pulse, broadband, ultrafast applications has been optimized for a single operating point in terms of wavelength and bandwidth.

Th 0804lfwcoherent

Ultrafast oscillator

Th 0804lfwcoherent
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The Mantis oscillator for short-pulse, broadband, ultrafast applications has been optimized for a single operating point in terms of wavelength and bandwidth. It generates more than 300 mW average power at a nominal center wavelength of 800 nm and has bandwidth over 70 nm, which can be compressed to under 20 fs using an optional external CPC compact pulse compressor.
Santa Clara, CA

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Ethernet cameras

Th 0804lfwkappa
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A series of Gigabit Ethernet CCD cameras allow cable lengths of up to 100 m and are available with color, monochrome, or cooled sensors. They offer megapixel resolution, frame rates up to 30/90 frames/s, and short trigger delay of 6.75 µs. They are available with control software, a software development kit, or application software for standard tasks.
Kappa Opto-electronics,
Gleichen, Germany

[email protected]

Optical-design software

Th 0804lfwopticalres
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Version 9.81 of Code V optical design software simplifies the correlation of actual test data and design parameters. New aspheric-lens tolerancing capabilities can be used with the Fast Wavefront Differential Tolerancing feature for surface errors that can be measured in production by surface profilometry. The software also has improved ability to use measured interferograms of actual lenses.
Optical Research Associates,
Pasadena, CA

[email protected]

IR optics

Th 0804lfwschott
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A line of advanced optics includes regular-grade zinc sulfide for the 8 to 12 µm range, multispectral (clear) grade zinc sulfide for 0.45 to 12 µm, and infrared chalcogenide glasses. The IR material is available in large sizes and custom shapes, and as windows, domes, or lens blanks. Applications include night-vision devices, temperature-analysis tools, and equipment-inspection systems.
Schott North America, Duryea, PA
[email protected]

Packaged diode lasers

Th 0803lfwipg
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High-brightness, fiber-coupled laser diodes are available to OEMs, providing more than 20 W of output in a compact package. They include a 100 µm fiber with 0.11 NA, with 60% or greater in-fiber E-O power efficiency, and telecom-grade single emitters. Customers can select an optimal wavelength in the 900 to 1000 nm range.
IPG Photonics, Oxford, MA

Fiber lasers

Th 0803lfwacculight
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The Telesto family of rugged, high-peak-power, polarized, pulsed fiber lasers have output at 1 µm for mapping, surveillance, and ladar applications. The P36L-1064 model produces 3 to 5 ns pulses at repetition rates from 20 to 750 kHz with 4 W average power, maximum pulse energy of 80 µJ, and peak power of 25 kW.
Aculight, Bothel, WA

Vibration-isolation platform

The KL-VIP vibration-isolation platform is passive and maintenance-free, requiring no air hoses or supporting hardware. It includes a black powder-coated plate, either steel or aluminum, and three or four vibration-isolation bearings. The bearings handle vibrations in all six degrees of freedom, isolating both horizontal and vertical vibration components.
Klughammer Industrie,
Markt Indersdorf, Germany

[email protected]

Fizeau interferometer

Th 0804lfw4dtech
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The FizCam 3000 is a Fizeau interferometer developed for accurate measurement of meter-class optics and general optical elements. It uses dynamic interferometry to acquire all measurement data in less than 1 ms, making it insensitive to vibration and air turbulence. The turnkey system includes wavefront analysis software and a high-speed computer system, as well as 4× optical zoom.
4D Technology, Tucson, AZ
[email protected]

FTIR spectrometer

A handheld, portable, Fourier-transform infrared spectrometer can be fully operated with just one hand and is capable of handling attenuated transmission reflectance applications. The system has interchangeable internal reflectance and external reflectance sampling interfaces and is designed to sample almost any material, including solids, pastes, gels, and liquids.
A2 Technologies, Danbury, CT
[email protected]

Deep-UV coating

Th 283503
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The capability of deep-UV coating provides optics with long lifetimes for use in leading-edge medical and semiconductor photolithography systems. The high-throughput coatings increase component lifetime while minimizing compaction.
Agilent, Santa Clara, CA
[email protected]

Laser module

The AC2-808BW-68-301 laser module with wavelength-stabilization technology is designed for air-cooled, diode-pumped, solid-state lasers. It produces 30 W at 808 ± 1.5 nm. It has a 685 µm fiber bundle with 0.15 NA, and comes with an SMA905 connector. The standard version, AC3-808B-68-303 has output at 808 ± 3 nm.
Alfalight, Madison, WI
[email protected]

Optical-design software

The newest version of Advanced Systems Analysis Program, ASAP 2008, includes an enhancement that allows interoperability between ASAP and the SolidWorks Parts Only 3D Modeling Engine. It includes a new realistic polarizer model, Stokes-value inputs and data views, and a Poincaré-sphere visualization tool. The HTML Help system has been redesigned.
Breault Research Organization, Tucson, AZ

Laser marking system

Th 0804lfwbtstopex
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The 5000 Series laser marking systems use diode-pumped Nd:YAG and carbon dioxide lasers. The workstation can be used as a stand-alone unit or be integrated into a production line. A series of supplementary modules can expand its function. A roll handling system is available for foils, prestamped labels, cables, or anodized aluminum rating plates.
BTS International,
Charlotte, NC

[email protected]

Multispectral imaging

Th 0804lfwcedip
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The Orion, an infrared multispectral imaging system, can produce IR subband images at video rate with the short-wave, mid-wave, and long-wave IR regions. Based on a focal-plane array, it can capture up to 200 images/s in snapshot mode. Camera integration time is software-variable and can be different for each filter.
Cedip Infrared Systems,
Croissy-Beaubourg, France

[email protected]

Display glass

Th 0804lfwcorning
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Jade is a fusion-formed glass with high thermal stability, designed for advanced displays in the high-end mobile device market. It works with low-temperature polysilicon applications and with organic LEDs. The chemistry of the glass leads to enhanced thermal stability, and it requires no secondary heat treatment or polishing.
Corning, Corning, NY

LED assembly

Th 0804lfwddp
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A low-profile LED assembly provides task lighting in a surgical fluid and blanket warmer designed to keep those materials at a consistent temperature. The assembly can withstand maximum ambient temperature of 200ºF and reduces the warmer’s power consumption and enables better thermal control by eliminating the temperature spikes a halogen bulb would cause.
DDP, El Segundo, CA
[email protected]

Optical-filter coatings

Th 0804lfwdepositionsci
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Special tooling and processes permit coating the outside of tubes with durable, precision optical filters. Filters can be made in regions from the near-ultraviolet to the infrared. Tubes up to 45 cm long and up to 7 cm nominal outside diameter can be coated. The coatings can withstand extreme heat, temperature fluctuations, and high humidity.
Deposition Sciences,
Santa Rosa, CA

[email protected]

Single emitters

Th 0804lfwdilas
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Single-emitter diode lasers from m2k are based on GaAs and GaSb. The lasers are available in broad-area or ridge-waveguide designs and offer wavelengths from 1.8 to 2.4 µm.
Dilas, Mainz, Germany

Light pipes

Th 0804lfwdocteroptics
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Precision-molded glass light pipes are available on a large scale in virtually any shape and size. The company also offers development and production of custom light pipes with a high slenderness ratio. The pipes can have plano, ellipsoid, cylindrical, parabolic, or other flange. Pipes produced with conventional technology are also available.
Docter Optics,
Neustadt an der Orla, Germany

[email protected]

Beam expanders

Techspec BeamX laser-beam expanders are designed for integration into new or existing optical systems. They are available in wavelengths of 532, 633, and 1064 nm, with broadband options also available. The offer a 1/10 wave transmitted wavefront. Magnifications of 3×, 5×, and 10× support Nd:YAG and other laser sources.
Edmund Optics, Barrington, NJ
[email protected]

Ultrafast laser

The Femtosource Scientific XL 500 provides output of more than 0.5 µJ and pulse duration less than 50 fs at a repetition rate of more than 5 MHz, for an average power level of more than 2.5 W and peak power of more than 10 MW, at a center wavelength of 800 nm. The laser is based on the company’s dispersive mirror technology combined with its chirped-pulse oscillator technology.
Femtolasers Produktions,
Vienna, Austria

[email protected]


Th 0804lfwfluxdata
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The FD-1840 series of modular, NIST-traceable spectroradiometers includes a small, handheld, ergonomic spotting scope, a VIS/NIT corrected lens, a high-throughput spectrometer, and software. They has no moving parts. Based on spectrometers from Ocean Optics, the Model 1840+ is aimed at applications from 380 to 1000 nm, and the 1840QE is aimed at applications from 385 to 765 nm.
FluxData, Rochester, NY
[email protected]


Th 0804lfwgammaflex
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The flexOptometer is a radiometer/photometer that can operate as a stand-alone or computer-controlled instrument. It comes with a single detector head or up to four interchangeable heads. The four-channel device includes a touch-screen, backlit LCD interface. It can connect to a computer via USB, RS-232, RS-485, and IEEE-488.2 interfaces.
Gamma Scientific, San Diego, CA
[email protected]


The Stallion Q-switch is designed for use in high-power, pulsed-laser systems. It is corrosion-resistant and thus can be cooled using ordinary water.
Gooch & Housego, Ilminster,
Somerset, England

[email protected]

Femtosecond amplifier

Th 0804lfwhighqlaser
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The femtoRegen UC is an all-in-one femtosecond regenerative amplifier that provides 2 W power at a 200 kHz repetition rate with pulses of 350 fs. It measures 34 × 78 cm and can be customized for an OEM integrator’s needs. The housing integrates all pump laser diode modules, the seed oscillator, and the amplifier.
High Q Laser, Bregenz, Austria
[email protected]

Distance sensor

Th 0804lfwidec
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The S80 time-of-flight Class 2 laser distance sensor can detect objects as small as 0.4 mm as far as 7 m away. It has a response time of 1 ms. A bright laser spot allows for set-up and alignment. A 4-digit display allows users to set or check parameters. It comes in a compact, IP67-rated, metal housing.
IDEC, Osaka, Japan

QCW diode lasers

Quasi-continuous-wave (QCW) diode lasers at a wavelength of 808 nm have peak power up to 300 W at pulse durations of 300 µs and duty cycles up to 10%. The lasers use passive cooling. The diodes can be built into passively cooled QCW stacks with peak powers up to 2.4 kW.
Jenoptik Laserdiode, Jena, Germany
[email protected]

Optical-channel monitor

Th 0804lfwlightwaves
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An optical-channel monitor is a compact, integrated module that provides real-time, nonintrusive measurement of optical-channel power, wavelength, and signal-to-noise ratio. It is based on optical thin-film technology and micro-optics, makes measurements at ITU grids of 100 or 50 GHz, and can measure two to four lines simultaneously.
Lightwaves2020, Milpitas, CA
[email protected]

Potting compound

Th 0804lfwmasterbond
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EP30FL is a flexible, tough epoxy potting and encapsulation compound that is 100% reactive and contains no volatiles. It is flexible enough for use in environments exposed to thermal cycling, and it can withstand mechanical shock and vibration. It is water resistant and an electrical insulator.
Master Bond, Hackensack, NJ
[email protected]

IR light source

Th 0804lfwmoritex
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The MHAB-100 infrared light source provides output varying only ± 1% over a lifespan of more than 1000 hours. The 100 W halogen light source delivers up to 30,000 lux across the 1000 to 1800 nm spectral region. It is designed for use in applications including wafer alignment, MEMS inspection, solar-panel inspection, and semiconductor-device coaxial-transmission observation.
Moritex Europe,
Cambridge, England

[email protected]

Diode laser

The Orion fiber-coupled diode uses a mini-bar concept—using multiple single emitters—to deliver more than 20 W output from a 105 µm fiber. It is available at wavelengths of 915, 940, and 980 nm and can be integrated into a variety of laser systems.
Newport, Spectra-Physics Laser Division, Tucson, AZ
[email protected]

Active fibers

A series of active fibers includes the PM-EYDF-17/200 erbium/ytterbium codoped fiber, and the PLMA-YDF-10/125 and PLMA-YDF-25/400 ytterbium-doped, large-mode-area fibers. All three are polarization-maintaining, double-clad fibers that have matched passive fibers for component and pigtail development. A non-polarization-maintaining variant, the LMA-YDF-10/130, is also available.
Nufern, East Granby, CT

PC interface

Th 0804lfwophir
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The Pulsar-4 multichannel smart-head-to-PC interface accommodates the company’s smart laser heads and converts a PC or laptop into a full-featured laser power and energy meter. A USB interface provides plug-and-play connection. The device records pulse energies up to 20,000 Hz for all four channels simultaneously and has an external trigger.
Ophir-Spiricon, North Logan, UT
[email protected]

Reference flats

Reference flats are available with surface accuracy of λ/20 p.v. and surface roughness of 10 A rms. They are available in glass, Zerodur, and silica, and come with full quality-testing assurance. Optics up to 450 mm in diameter are provided with a Fizeau interferometric test report, and larger flats use the Ritchey-Common test procedure.
Optical Surfaces, Surrey, England
[email protected]

Manufacturing services

Optical-product development services include single-sourcing of product design, development, and commercialization for electro-optically based products. The service is targeted to OEMs seeking to speed up time to market.
Optikos, Wakefield, MA
[email protected]


Th 0804lfwoptodiode
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The near-infrared, red-enhanced ODA-5W-100K photodiode-preamplifier is a combination device offering 500 MΩ gain. Wavelength response at 940 nm is typically 63 V/mW, minimum 55 V/mW. The 5 mm2 device is packaged in a hermetically sealed TO-39 can. Operating temperature ranges from –25ºC to 100ºC.
Opto Diode, Newbury Park, CA
[email protected]

Slow-light laser

A slow-light laser is based on the Ethernal Virtual Ring Laser Oscillator, which slows the intracavity light. It reduces relative intensity noise by almost six orders of magnitude. The laser is available at 1.5 and 1.06 µm wavelengths with power up to 250 mW. Applications include acoustic sensing, lidar, and microwave photonics.
Orbits Lightwave, Pasadena, CA
[email protected]

Optical taps

Th 0804lfwozoptics
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Optical patchcords have in-line optical taps written directly into the optical fiber, to extract a small portion of light for power monitoring. Less than 0.1% of the light is tapped from the fiber to a monitor photodiode, allowing users to monitor optical power in single-mode and polarization-maintaining fibers that transmit several watts of power.
OZ Optics, Ottawa,
Ontario, Canada

[email protected]

Multicavity lasers

Th 0804lfwpacerperkin
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Multi-EPI-cavity, plastic-packaged lasers from PerkinElmer can double or triple the output power of a single-cavity chip. The DPGEW (double) and TPGEW (triple) are 905 nm pulsed lasers in low-cost plastic encapsulated packages. They use multi-active area laser chips to deliver high output power in a small emitting area for easy fiber coupling.
Pacer International,
Newbury, Berkshire, England

[email protected]

Programmer’s library

Th 0804lfwpicoquant
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Version 2.2 of the programmer’s library for the PicoHarp 300 time-correlated single-photon-counting system has drive support for the 64-bit version of Windows Vista. It also fixes minor bugs in earlier versions. It improves the instrument’s time-tagged time-resolved mode and supports the latest hardware.
PicoQuant, Berlin, Germany
[email protected]

Stage system

The NZ00CE NanoScanZ Piezo 500 µm stage system offers 5 nm repeatability and closed-loop control with a sub-angstrom-resolution piezo-resistive sensor. Designed for microscopic deconvolution and 3-D imaging, it has a sample holder area large enough for well plates as well as standard slides and Petri dishes. It comes with RS-233/USB or analog control.
Prior Scientific, Rockland, MA

Radiation-resistant optics

Th 0804lfwresolveoptics
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Radiation-resistant (nonbrowning) optics are designed for use in the electronuclear industry and in research reactors. All optical elements in the optical systems, fixed-focus and zoom lens designs are made using cerium-oxide-doped glass or synthetic silica, and can withstand radiation doses of up to 1 million rads without degradation.
Resolve Optics, Chesham,
Buckinghamshire, England

[email protected]

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